Monday, March 11, 2013

Gathering Garden is a flimsy!

Gathering Garden
by Kim Diehl
I think I have finished all the quilts I wanted to make in Kim's book,
Simple Charm.
Besides, I am tired of appliqueing!

I have been piecing up a storm on the picnic quilt for my granddaughter.
I will be post a picture once it is done.
Since it National Quilting month,
no better time to be at my machine sewing!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Saltbox Sampler

I knew when I saw the delicious, vibrant reds in Judie Rothermel's fabric line,
Party of Twelve, they would be perfect in...
Saltbox Sampler
by Kim Diehl

Of course, the bubble gum pink and poison greens were the icing on the cake!
(I hope I got those hue descriptions right.  I am still learning the reproduction lingo.)
And I cannot resist a 'house' quilt, especially if it has a scrappy pieced border.
Those of you with good eyes can see that there is a border missing...
waiting for a perfect toasty piece of Jo Morton to arrive at TOWQS.

We spent last week celebrating my granddaughter's 1st birthday...
jeez how time flies,
especially when you are having so much fun!

Now to resume working on a few projects on my WIP list...
the first being a quilt for my granddaughter!

Checking In!

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