Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Piecing and Packing and Purging!


Rock the Block Sew Along
by Sew Kind of Wonderful.
This one I will use to practice FMQ on. 
Jenny of SKOW plans to show us how she will quilt it.
Love it when I can copy a design
 and not have to come up with it on my own.
When finished, it will adorn my office/sewing room...
as if I ever need a quilt in Arizona to warm my lap.

by Elizabeth Hartmann,
requested by my DIL.
I did an E2E pattern on this one and regret it.
I really should have custom quilted it,
but wanted to get it done. 
I may make another version of it for my nephew's wedding
and then I can do custom.
His future wife loves succulents.

And it will come to no surprise that I started piecing another project...
A Figurative Quilt
by Natalia Bonner.
I am using Tilda fabrics for the first time 
and absolutely love the English Garden florals.
There is another border with tons of hexies yet to be assembled.
This sampler quilt will be used for my class I signed up for with Natalia.
I am sure one of my granddaughters will love to receive it when I am done.
Or maybe I keep it for myself.

This last week I sorted, folded and purged my fabric stash.
Much of my reproduction fabrics went to my friend, Deb;
Lori of Humble Quilts,
Janet, the Roque Quilter,
and to a quilt ministry in NY suggested by Janet.
It felt good to prioritize my project and fabric collections.
Even with all I purged,
I have more than I will ever be able to use.
I am always seduced by all the pretty new fabrics I see.

All that reorganization makes it easy to pack for Colorado!
Oh, but what WIPS will I take?????

Monday, May 17, 2021

The Merry Month of May!

 May started with a lovely trip to Sanibel Island with my daughter
to celebrate Mother's Day.
We enjoyed swimming in the warm coastal waters,
spotting dolphins and rays swimming off shore,
                                                               collecting sea shells,
and drinking fancy adult beverages!

Prior to leaving, I finished my granddaughter's quilt for her bed.

So much fun to quilt!

Then I was off to my retreat with Sue Spargo in Santa Fe.
What a gracious woman and fabulous teacher!
I started one project,
my interpretation of a miniature Oaxacan candlestick I saw
at the International Museum of Folkart;
but then got totally side tracked by learning to weave a tree on a loom.
We are headed to Africa in September
(fingers crossed)
and so this is the start of my modified Folk Tales quilt to commemorate our trip.

I continue to sew along with Sew Kind of Wonderful 
and will have my Rock the Block quilt done soon.
Started another Elizabeth Hartmann pattern for my DIL, 
but I will be back with those when they are in the flimsy state.

We are headed to Colorado in June.
My body needs a break from pandemic stitching!
Until next time...

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