Wednesday, July 15, 2015

First Flimsy of the Summer

Haven't accomplished much, but a little is better than nothing.  
We had company over the 4th of July weekend and 
my granddaughter has been with us the last 8 days.
While my daughter was here, we recycled some weathered wood into patriotic decor for the front porch. The cabin is the perfect place to display prim projects.

In the moments I had to myself,
I managed to turn a WIP into a flimsy.
Little Letters,
a free pattern from Temecula Quilt Co.  
I made two sets of letters at the same time.
This one is for my grandson and the other one will be for my granddaughter. The backing fabric is one I picked up 2 years ago.  I started the letters almost 1 year ago...embarrassing that it took this long to get them all done. You can see the backing fabric here.  

I continue to make pennies for my Farm Girl Finery.
 I am not very good at staying on task when the task is very repetitive and involves a lot of flying geese!  

We are headed to Mesa Verde next week for some camping and exploring.
Geez, this summer is flying by!
It will be a miracle if I get a third of what I brought with me done!

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