Monday, September 19, 2022

Progress and Painting

 It is so gratifying to finish things! 
If the Hat Fits by 1894 Cottonwood House has been gifted.
I had fun 'Spargoing' it. 

This McKenna Ryan quilt will be gifted to my son on his birthday.
It has been years in the making.
And then it took awhile to get up the courage to quilt it.
Why him?...he has a nice cabin in Flagstaff with lots of blank walls.
He will also get a homemade apple pie!

So here is my progress on my 2022 goals:
1. Finish HOME in time for my son's anniversary in March (border, quilt and bind)
2. Border my red and white mini quilt and add some green applique (border and design)
3. Finish Posh Penelope by Sew Kind of Wonderful for my daughter before Spring (need fabrics)
4. Finish Easter pillows for the girls 
5. Complete 'If the Hat Fits' before Halloween for my daughter
6. Continue to work on my mini-Folktails
7. Continue to work on Sunrise Scraps by Edyta Sitar
8. Start and hopefully keep current on Sue Spargo's Trade Winds BOM
9. Finish At Home in the Woods (just needs borders, then quilt and bind)
10. Finish my Laura Heine collage

Pretty proud of myself.
I have stuck to my guns and actually have finished things.
And I can report that I am up to date with my Trade Winds BOM.
It is so much work that there is not much time to be distracted by something new.
Not much progress on the other things listed,
but the red and white quilt is calling to me as a Christmas project.
This is it's current state.
I have chosen a quilt by Laurie Simpson in the book, Red & Green Quilts,
as inspiration for the border.
Perhaps posting about it here will get me going on it.

Betty and I continue to make donation quilts;
and thanks to Lori of Humble Quilts,
we now have a home for the more adult lap quilts we make.
The first box of quilts will be headed to a Veteran's Outreach Specialist
in Southern California this week. 

I continue to explore sketching and watercolor painting.

My DIL requested floral paintings for my granddaughters room.
These are the first two. 

The temperatures are starting to head in the right direction the last week...
We call nights in the 70's and days in the 90's FALL
here in the desert southwest. 

Thanks for stopping by,


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