Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Just a little finish...

 Punkin Seeds,
designed by Little Bits by Joan.
My versatile hubbie made the primitive frame for me.
While I was at it,
I made Woodland Winter #303 as well.
Both projects were quick and easy to do.

I am procrastinating yet again.
Pinwheels for Caroline came back from the longarm quilter and is ready for a binding. 
 I'll use the still warm weather as my excuse for not tackling it just yet.

Of course, I am itching to start something new, so I picked up one of the new
 Little Bites by Miss Rosie's Quilt Co. called Tidbit.
I could not resist it when I saw the 3 little quilts made by Carrie Nelson for the October meeting of the Miss Rosie's Club at TOWQS.  If you want to see them, go to Carrie's post here.

I finally got the nerve to tackle the embroidery on my PFH BOM.  
Block #1
Block #2-the hardest part was getting the straight stitches of the sunburst equal.
Must have ripped them out 10 times.
Thank you, Anne, for suggesting a sunburst instead of the smiley face!
Block #3
I have been using seed beads instead of colonial knots where indicated,
but stopped after adding them to the aqua petals (the bottom two petals have the beads.)
Decided to wait until all the blocks are made to see if perhaps these beads are too much for my taste.

Next month's block is predominately aqua/teal, which has created a slight problem...
I don't own the perfect medium teal Valdani perle cotton.
They make it, but I cannot order it directly from them.  
You have to find a shop that carries it.    
Snowflake Memories has a good selection, but no #42.
So I cut off some of a very dark teal I did have and tried to lighten it in a bath of dilute Clorox.  When they said it was colorfast, they meant it. 
 It lightened only slightly even after drying it in direct sunlight. 
After all that, I did find the thread at Primitive Gatherings. 
Should have looked there first! But now I know it is truly colorfast!

Thoughts and prayers to those dealing with the aftermath of Sandy!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Fall Frenzy!

Our weather here in the desert southwest has finally gone into cool down mode!
Our nighttime temps are in the 60's and our highs are under 3 digits!
The next 8 months are why we tolerate our sizzling summers.

To celebrate the arrival of FALL,
I have gone into pumpkin overload.

October Brings,
by JoAnn Mullaly,
graciously gifted to me by my friend, Deb,
is in the process of being machine quilted.
Wish you could see the stitchery better.

Primitive Pumpkins,
designed by Rita Briner, of the Quilters Station,
is officially a finish and
adorns my dining room table.

I purchased #308 Punkin Seeds
and plan to start on it soon.
Should be a quick and fun project and will look great on my sideboard!
TOWQS has samples of several of her framed wool creations on display
and I want to make one of each!

Amidst all this fall frenzy,
I continue to stitch away at my Pennies From Heaven BOM.

Introduced the first aqua wool in block #3.
Did you notice I actually did a little embroidery...the stems.
The inner black circles are not embroidered yet...I am a chicken.
Struggling with the little lazy daisy stitches.

I have also started on Izzy's park quilt...
one cannot live on handwork, quilting and binding alone!

#469, from the Quiltmaker 100 Blocks Blog Tour.
I don't know how many blocks I will make or how I will set them yet,
but I am enjoying playing with bright fabrics for a change.
Lee plans to publish a pattern for her setting in the future.

Last week we took a needed vacation on Maui.
The diving was not all that great,
but that is the foot of my flipper in the upper corner
and I hope you can see the dolphins that swam next to us.
What a thrill!
However, the best part was getting to see my granddaughter experience the ocean for the first time.

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