Friday, March 26, 2021

Something New and Something Old!

I'll start with the something new... 
Peeps and Carrots,
adapted from Carrot Sticks by the Pattern Basket.
It was my 9 year old granddaughter's idea to add the bunnies 
and what a clever idea it was!
This was gifted to my DIL.

Working on this table runner for my daughter from a Shabby Fabrics pattern.
I will make a coordinating wall hanging, but this may be the only one done by Easter.

Week 1 & 2 of Rock the Block...
a free sewalong from Sew Kind of Wonderful 
with video tutorials on Facebook each week!
I have always been curious about Sew Kind of Wonderful patterns
 with their curved piecing.
When I did teach beginning quilting,
 I always told my students I could help them with almost everything,
except curved piecing.
Well, it was time to conquer my fear.
The curves are so gentle, and they oversize and square everything up;
so it is much easier than I thought it would be.
Notions and special rulers are not my thing,
but I now own 3 of their QRC rulers...
I know Jan is laughing right now.
I am really enjoying the challenge and using up stash! 
Sadly, I don't think this will put much of a dent in it.
These fabrics are from my Edyta Sitar collections.

Last weekend we celebrated a landmark birthday.
My husband turned 70!
When did we get so OLD!
My son arranged to have a chef come to our house to cook a fancy meal.
It was perfect...the kids got to run around and play while we enjoyed our meal.
Safer and more fun for everyone than going to a restaurant.

Betty, Monica, Kathy and I continue to piece, quilt and bind donation quilts.
Kind of had a green theme going on this month.
This pile will be going to Betty today to get bound.

It turns out I have some pretty severe stenosis in my neck that has lead to my right hand weakness.
That and mild bilateral carpal tunnel from the hours of hand stitching.
Even though I have enjoyed my stay at home hobbies,
they have taken a toll on my body...
too much slumping over and poor posture.
I knew quarantine increased my waistline,
but I did not realize the other health tolls until this week.

I am officially fully vaccinated now,
so I look forward to getting back to a normal lifestyle soon.
Now on to week #3 of Rock the Block.
Thanks for stopping by.

Monday, March 1, 2021

Time Keeps on Slipping, Slipping into the Future.

The title of my post is from a favorite Steve Miller band song.
I guess I am dating myself!
My granddaughters turned 5 and 9 in February.
Where did the time go? 

My daughter had a small family only party for them.
These are my grands +1 cousin.

I got my first vaccine shot without an issue 
and to celebrate I put pandemic purple highlights in my hair.
It was a fun experiment and is fading fast.
It will be a one and done though...
too long in the salon chair and too expensive.
Just going to have to let those grays shine through!

My back and neck issues are resolving slowly, so not much sewing going on.

This is Carrot Sticks by the Pattern Basket.
It will be for my DIL's seasonal quilt wall.

Quilted one block of my Year of Stars quilt by Natalia Bonner today.
Learning lots from her free Youtube videos and her Patreon page.

I have been able to do a little hand stitching on my Making Waves by Ariane Zurcher.
This is my favorite corner of the project.
I went rogue on these 2 shapes.
I wanted them to look like the shore of the ocean after a wave.
The cream shapes in the blue look so much like seafoam;
however, I see the ocean in almost everything.

And I am so excited about the future...
a trip to Sanibel Island with my daughter for Mother's Day and to see my sister.
Then off to Santa Fe for a week seminar with Sue Spargo.
It will feel so good to live a somewhat normal life for a change!

Friday, January 22, 2021

Sweet Treats

 I have been a fanatic in my sewing room the last few weeks.
With coldish temperatures,
a COVID-19 scare in my family,
and being a real homebody,
I have been quite productive.

This fun project I made without a pattern 
for my daughter to put above her fireplace mantel.
However, I give credit to Wendy Williams for the inspiration.
A You-tube video by Material Obsession showed her method.
So I drew a template heart and just went for it.
It is much smaller and simpler than her design.

Calling this one Conversation Hearts, 
adapted from a pattern called Love Actually.
I made it larger so it would fill the space on my DIL's wall.

But my favorite finish...

The final blue gray border was done with the computer,
but the rest of the quilting was hand guided free motion and ruler work.
I was obsessed with this one and worked on it non-stop for 3 days straight.
I will be taking a break though while I get my back out of spasm and 
regain the strength in my right hand. 
PT and steroids should do the trick.
Lesson learned...slow down, take breaks and stretch!
My granddaughter's diamond quilt is a flimsy,
 but it will have to wait to be quilted since it needs custom work.

On the donation quilt front,
my friend, Betty, and I have supplied the homeless shelter with 4 more baby quilts.

Working now on piecing cuddle quilts and pillowcases for the grands for Valentine's Day.
 Thank goodness I can still use my sewing machine
and Wanda Joy can quilt all by herself.

It is finally raining in the desert!
Looking forward to more staying home 
and sewing in my PJs.

Monday, January 4, 2021

First Flimsy of 2021

 During the break between Christmas and New Year's, 
I finished a quilt I started almost 7 years ago.

This is Gather Around by Debbie Roberts.
It was fun to revisit some of the fabrics I used from my extensive reproduction fabric stash.
My motivation was to be able to quilt it!

Like everyone,
my goal for this year is to work on finishing some things and de-stash,
just like every year!
But, I am off to a good start.

My reward...I get to start a new quilt for my granddaughter.
    A very modern quilt that will have lots of open space for quilting. 
Diamonds on Display
by Quiltachusetts.

I am happy to report that I found a home for my charity quilts.
Our local Presbyterian Church sponsors a homeless shelter 
and, no surprise, they have had a huge increase in homeless families.
So my second goal is to piece at least 1 quilt to donate each month
 and to quilt all the flimsies my friends bring me for donation.

Haven't figured out which UFO will be next.
I have so many to choose from.
But my promise to myself is to use up my stash in whatever way I can.
I don't want to say I am a hoarder,
but it has gotten to be ridiculous! 

And last, but certainly not least,

my little loves.

Something New and Something Old!

I'll start with the something new...  Peeps and Carrots, adapted from Carrot Sticks by the Pattern Basket. It was my 9 year old granddau...