Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Le Jardin and an updated WIP list

I hit a small setback with Snowbound in that Steam-a-Seam Lite 2, the product I use to adhere my wool applique, has still not arrived at the shoppe.  It has been on back order forever, it seems.
So, while perusing my blog list, I came upon Wendy's post over at Snippets of a Quilter.  She is on her second block of Le Jardin, by Bunny Hill Designs.  And I am embarrassed to say, I purchased all the French General fabrics and got started on the very same quilt quite a few years ago. I only got as far as the first block...something about all those pointy leaves! Or maybe it was another 'cannot pass up' project that diverted my attention.  Seeing her block motivated me to get mine out.  I have added it to my WIP list and since I cannot work on my highest priorities, I decided to at least finish this block up and then I will be prepared to make it my next applique project.  

Unfortunately, my WIP list is just as long as it was at the beginning of the year due to the fact that just as many projects have been added as were finished.  It is a common trait among many of the quilters I know and bloggers I follow. Oh, well, I will just keep plodding along. I have to admit though, only the newest projects on that list have made it to completion...sigh.  I should keep a list of completed quilts, so I can see what I have accomplished and stop focusing on what I have not finished!

On the positive side, It's a Grand Old Flag is a flimsy in the queue for the quilter and I have Izzy's I Spy quilt basted and ready to quilt myself...simple stitch in the ditch.  So I am making progress, no matter how slow and convoluted it is. It is quite miserable here, hot and humid, so I expect I will be getting a lot more done this next month and will make some headway on that updated WIP list. 

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A Little Something is Better than Nothing!

I have been doing a little hand work here and there.

Two more blocks of Snowbound by Pat Wys are just short a few stitches on the wool, but the hand applique is done.  I had hoped to have all four center blocks done before leaving Colorado this weekend, but 3 out of 4 is not bad!

So, to answer my question from the last post...how to care for your wool and cotton combo quilts.  I decided to go to the source and emailed Primitive Gatherings and asked them.  They were gracious enough to answer my email and here is what Jessica had to say...
" I will usually use a lint roller, and then use a steamer from the back side.  That will get a lot of the allergine out of it, and the dust.  You can also put it in the dryer with one of those Dryel sheets that they have in the laundry aisle.  Just don't put it on a high heat.  Lastly you could take it to a dry cleaners, the customer just really has to be firm that it can not be washed in any way in hot water.  I have had a customer that did that with her dry cleaner and they ruined the quilt.  Any time it is out of my hands I am always leary of having someone do it."
She also recommended that I google the question.  I did and dry cleaning was recommended.  Since my mother never dry cleaned anything, claiming hand washing was just as good, I will just do what I always do...a gentle cool bath and air dry. I will let you all know how it works out.

During these last few days in the mountains, I hope to do a little machine work and finish up those sunshine blocks.  PFH will, I said WILL, get to the flimsy state before the end of the year...I hope.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

It's a Grand Old Flag!

Geoff's Mom. 
My progress this week.

So, I have a question for you all.
How do you care for your cotton and wool quilts?
This is the first quilt top I have worked on that has both wool and cotton applique.  I use the P3 method of applique prep, so my quilt top has starch and glue in it.  I usually soak it in a cold bath after I am done to dilute and disperse the glue and starch...I know it doesn't all come out.  I am hesitant to put this puppy in the bath.  I would appreciate any input I can get!  Do I have to worry about the over-dyed wool bleeding? How do I wash it?  These are questions students have asked and I don't have the answers. 

Another first for me...I used silk matka for the border.  The tobacco color was just too perfect.  It needled just fine, but the fraying at the edges was unreal.  Thank goodness I had added a 1/2" to the cutting directions for the border.  I always cut everything bigger and then custom cut it to size no matter if I am piecing or appliqueing.  Even so, every time a thread would come off, at least a 1/16th of inch of border was lost.  That is why I have fewer leaves in my border than the pattern called for.  I needed a yard of the silk matka.  I prewashed it and it shrunk quite a bit.  

If you like this pattern, Woolie Mammoth is having a giveaway here.  I know that as soon as I put that first flag on, I was in love.  You can bet this one will be ready to go to the quilter soon.

My girls are coming back to the cabin next week, so I don't know how much more progress I will make on my WIPs. However, I know I will be having a heck of a good time.  We head back to the desert at the end of August.  I am not looking forward to the heat, but I will enjoy reconnecting with my quilting community. Now back to sewing...I only have the weekend to get this flimsy finished!

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