Friday, March 27, 2020

Staying at Home means...

...lots of sewing is going on!

Like most of you, 
my husband and I are social distancing,
which means no gatherings at my LQS!
So, I will do my show and sharing here.
Picking Poppies by Shawn Williams
My Clothesline Bunny and 
Seashore Clothesline project,
both designed by Heart to Hand.
Little White Pumpkins, another design by Heart to Hand.
Blooming Poppies by Crane Designs. 
Love this one because I dyed the wools for it.

We recently traveled to Patagonia.
What a fabulous trip it was!
The first portion included a cruise on an expedition boat 
along the Chilean side of the Darwin Ice Field.
There were only 95 passengers and the seas were calm enough to land on Cape Horn.
The second portion was spent hiking for 8 days on the Argentinian side.
We were blessed with gorgeous weather
and no wind (a rarity in Patagonia!)
We saw everything from icebergs, penguins, Darwin's ostriches, 
condors, fossils, and even 3 Pumas (a very rare sighting, indeed.)
I must say it was one of my favorite, all-time trips.
However, we had to fly through JFK in NY on our way home,
hence the self imposed 14 day isolation we are under.

So far, we are well and hope all of you are healthy too!
Thank you for stopping by to read my blog
and stay home, stay healthy and stay sane!
This, too, will pass.

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