Sunday, June 28, 2020

Alpine Hiking and Accomplishments!

The big accomplishment this week is I got Le Jardin into flimsy form
 and ready to send to my favorite longarm quilter. 
Botanical Sketchbook also got all the stitching done on it!
Waiting for the postman to deliver the border fabric 
and then I will have completed 2 of my summer goals.

Yesterday, we hiked the Continental Divide trail at Wolf Creek Pass.
 It was good to see so many of the dead trees had fallen over during the winter 
and that new growth is starting to predominate.
 Perhaps in another 3-5 years, my favorite forest will no longer look like a war zone.
 FYI, our forests suffered severely from a bark beetle attack 
and present a horrendous fire danger.
 A fire is currently burning 20 miles north of us
 and our small town is full of 'Hot Shots' from all over the country. 
We are so thankful for the risks they take and the sacrifice they make to protect us.

The forest floor was full of my favorite wildflowers and I even identified a 'new to me' one.
Pygmy Bitterroot. 
And for your enjoyment, a few of the others I love.
 Colorado Columbine
 Alpine Viola
 Purple Fringe
Scarlet Paintbrush.
Green-flowered Wintergreen,
also new to me.
I think I will use my new found embroidery skills
 and do a piece with all my favorite wildflowers on it. 

Speaking of embroidery,
A Hollyhock inspired by Beth Upstill.
I still have 3 circles to fill. 
Believe it or not, I actually tore out one I had done to put this one in it's place.

One of the benefits of high altitude living and exercising
 is that my Vacay/CoVid-12 (pounds that is) has turned into CoVid-1. 
It has also helped that my beautiful daughter and WW teammate has been cooking delicious, low point meals for both of us and encouraging me to stay on track.
I am only 6 pounds away from my goal,
but I know they will be the hardest ones.
I need to lose these pounds to help lower my blood pressure.
I don't want to take medications!!!!
So wish me luck.

What is on my plate next....
Hocus Pocus by the Pattern Basket.
My Fig Tree All Hallows Eve fabrics are on their way.

Monday, June 22, 2020

Stress Free Sewing in Colorful Colorado

After a week of house cleaning and gardening,
I think we are finally settled into the cabin for the summer. 
Usually, it takes 9 hours to drive to the cabin, 
but a wildfire in Mancos created a backtracking detour.
Nothing like a 12 hour car trip to get some stitching done!

 Finished the last block for Le Jardin. 
My goal is to get into flimsy form next week.
Then Crimson Tweed got it's binding sewn down.
Now, each afternoon, I spend a few hours working on WIPs and UFOs.

My current WIP is Botanical Sketchbook
by Dawn Heese.
I only have the last block to stitch. 
I have this horrible habit of getting a project to the last block
and then it becomes a UFO. 
I brought 4 or 5 of these projects with me to finish this summer.

Of course, I continue to stitch on my Sue Spargo Toned Down Circle Sampler.
Here are a few of the latest ones.
 This one is not her design.
 I stitched it after seeing a similar one on Pinterest.
Wanted to experiment with ribbon embroidery.
 Of course, I loved doing the Octopus.
He looks so cute in my under-the-sea section.

Being at the cabin sure has reduced my stress level.
There is no TV,
so no repetitious news broadcasts full of doom and gloom.
Tomorrow, we will hike my favorite mountain trail!
Cannot wait.

Thanks for stopping by.
Be healthy, be safe and hug your love ones often!!! 

Monday, June 8, 2020

Bee's a Buzzing!

A real finish that was started in this calendar year!
Buzzing by Heart to Hand.
I love the messages in the 4 corners of the quilt. 
The other corners say bee happy, bee sweet and bee strong.

Sue Spargo did a bee skep circle this week too.

Then my focus shifted to the undersea world. 

 My pufferfish/blowfish.
Looks like me since I cannot seem to stay out of the refrigerator.

And then a sea anemone.
Followed by a kelp forest with sea urchin and sea star.

Here is my sampler so far.

Progress on Le Jardin.
Just one more block!
I will prep it this week in preparation for the drive to Colorado.
Something to listen to on Audible and
something to stitch makes the trip bearable.

Monday, June 1, 2020

Monday Musings

With all that is happening in our country,
I hesitated to post.
But then, I need to have a place to escape to 
and pretend things are normal.
Besides, hobbies have a positive effect on our mental health.
'When you participate in a hobby,
you'll stay present,
 which helps create a sense of well-being and calm your nerves,' 
according to the experts.
So I will post about my hobby and ignore the world outside for the moment.

Progress on Le Jardin.
I am overjoyed that my DIL wants this for my granddaughter's room.
I will prep the 8th block today.
7 are now complete except for embroidery accents, 
which used to scare me.
But with my new found interest in embroidery stitches, 
I am looking forward to adding them.

Here are some of my latest toned down sampler circles.

Oh, this crab is my favorite.

It is heating up here in the desert 
and my children have been escaping to the Mogollon Rim on the weekends to cool off.
This weekend, my husband and I joined them.
My sweeties
and me on the kid's quad...LOL.

Stay safe and sane!

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Back in Time and another CoVid casualty

So the date is somewhere in 2014.
I have proudly turned Pennies from Heaven into a flimsy.

Forward to 2020,
and the flimsy is quilted, bound and on the guest bed 
until the magnetic quilt hanger I have ordered arrives.
Nothing like a pandemic to help your finish up your UFOs.

Next on my list is Le Jardin.
It will be perfect for my granddaughter, Evelyn.

As far as casualties go,
the latest is my LQS, The Olde World Quilt Shoppe.
The new owner announced last week that she will be going on-line only mid June.
I dyed wool for her, but alas, no more.
She hopes to open a physical location in the future,
but I am not hopeful.
Lots of time to finish all those UFOs!

I continue to stitch circles for my Sue Spargo toned down (as in not 90!!)
sampler project. Here are a few of my latest.

After the quilt for my granddaughter is a flimsy,
I hope to work on my daughter's wedding quilt. 
Don't judge me.....her 8 year anniversary is soon.

Monday, May 11, 2020

Mother Nature

She never fails to entertain.
A hummingbird built a nest outside my laundry room window.
First there were 2 eggs, which I understand is always the case.
The twins started to get bigger.
As the nest got more and more crowded, 
one flew away.
Now there is just one fellow left.
Tried to show a video of him trying out his wings, but could not get it to download.
So here is a link to my Instagram video.
Hopefully, that will work.

A few new circles done on my Sue Spargo Toned Down Sampler.

Hope you enjoyed the hummers!
A little smile perhaps during this time of uncertainty.

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Eat, Stitch, Sleep, Repeat!

Oh, this whole stay at home business is getting old!
And yet, as businesses start to open up,
I am concerned about what will happen in the next few months. 
I consider myself lucky in that both my children can either work from home 
or have been furloughed.
My daughter works at the Mayo Clinic 
and has been told she will return to work no earlier than August.
She has found, however, that the economic impact is rather negligible. 
No childcare to pay for, 
no after school activities like gymnastics and swimming lessons, 
no fast food lunches for her husband since he now works from home.
The moral of this story is that since we are all so isolated,
we feel perfectly safe gathering as a family on a regular basis.
I cherish those gatherings!

But those don't happen everyday,
sew I stitch!
 This is my first block of Sue Spargo's quilt,
Fresh Cut.
I am doing mine on a taupe background
 and dyeing all my own wool for it.
This is my second block in progress.
Boy, am I going out of my box on this one.
I continue to do the Instastitch with Sue sampler.

My attempt to design a circle on my own.
Two of my favorites designed by Sue Spargo.

Although most of my work has been with wool,
I did manage to bind a panel quilt for my son and his wife.
Simple, but she loves it.

Back to my stitching!

Monday, April 20, 2020

Another UFO bites the dust!

Solstice Dreams by Kerry Green
This quilt will be my daughter's once the quilter has worked her magic. 
I dyed all the wool for this project except for one piece.

Some of my favorite circles from Sue Spargo's
Toned Down Sampler Stitch Along. 
I am not doing them all. 
Kind of picking and choosing the ones where I will learn something new  
or practice a stitch I need to improve upon.

Love this thought:
Month and a half of self isolation and it's like Vegas in my house.
We're losing money by the minute, cocktails are acceptable at any hour,
and nobody knows what time it is.

This quote I snagged from Ali Strebel is a little more uplifting: