Sunday, June 27, 2021

Christmas in June???

Oh, HSTs!! 
Thought I would never get this done,
but here it is.
Peppermint Twist,
by the Pattern Basket 
using Christmas Figs 2 fabric.
Cannot wait to custom quilt this one.
Ruby Blue Quilts did one and I plan to use it as inspiration.
You can see hers here.

Now I am working on this Laura Heine pattern,
I am putting it on a Hoffman Big Dream panel.
I have seen 2 others done this way on Pinterest.
Again, so anxious to give the quilting a try.
Going to have lots to do when I get back to AZ.

In no hurry to leave though.
It was hot the first few weeks here,
but now a lovely week of thunderstorms
 and cooler temps has arrived.
Took my first hike to Alberta Peak at 10,000 feet yesterday 
and saw all my favorite wildflowers.
These Red Elephants and Green Bog Orchids 
were a real find!
These are my second favorite wildflower,
behind Fairy Slipper Orchids,
but we arrived too late to see them.

And this year, I struck gold in my garden.
After years of trying,
I finally got Iceland Poppies to grow and bloom.
Very short lived blooms,
but I loved them.
Hopefully, they will reseed themselves.

I am about out of projects for the summer.
I did bring my Edyta Sitar 'lifetime' quilt project with me.
Looks like it will be next in the queue.
I also ordered flannel to make a big block quilt.
Everyone fights over the ones I have on cold mornings,
even the pups.

Hoping to get to Durango this week to visit some quilt shops.
Wow, actual physical shops still in business.
So excited! 

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