Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Checking In!

I have been busy since my last post, 
but cannot report that I have accomplished any of my sewing goals.
I finished quilting both In the Woods and Posh Penelope,
but cannot take them off the list until they are bound.
My friend Betty and I finished 10 more donation quilts.
I did manage to quilt this for a friend before leaving for Colorado for the summer.

I really went crazy with the improv background motifs!
The quilting inside each heart was done with the computer.

Loved my Urban Sketching class in Santa Fe with Ian Fennelly! 
This is my favorite sketch from the week:
It certainly was an intense week for a beginner, but I learned alot.
And the weather was not in our favor...this sketch was done with snow all around us.
Best part was the time I spent with my sister.
Oh yeah, and the food!!

Then off on our Grand Cruise with Viking.
Despite all the hoops we had to jump through due to CoVid,
it was a great trip full of ABC days...
another beautiful church or castle.
 My favorite day was the scenic cruising through the Rhine River portion of the trip.
And I sketched...

We spent 2 days in Bruges, Belgium at the end of the cruise.
What a magical city and the chocolate was to die for.

Now we are settled into life at the cabin where the weather has been amazing!
I continue to work on Sue Spargo's Trade Winds and 
If the Hat Fits.

Hope you are enjoying your summer and thanks for stopping by!

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