Thursday, March 3, 2022

Let it Be!

Funny how a blog post keeps me focused on my goals.
There are no finishes,
but there is certainly progress.
Posh Penelope is pieced!

I loved piecing the individual blocks;
but boy, oh, boy,
putting the blocks together was a challenge!
I like to think of myself as a precision piecer.
Well, that just did not happen with this project.
Not a one of those points on the flower petals lines up and most are chopped off.
I don't know if letting go makes me happy or disappointed in myself.
I decided to just let it be!
Hoping a good quilting job will disguise the imperfections.

I finished two more blocks of If the Hat Fits.

Thoroughly enjoyed my Sue Spargo retreat in Tucson.
I had SO much fun, that I signed up to take the same class again
at Madeline Island at the end of July.
The plan is to finish what I started.
Three meals a day, no responsibilities and stitching with like-minded friends...
what could be more enjoyable.

I also helped my granddaughter make a quilt for her teacher who is expecting her first child.
What a joy it was to share my passion with her.

At Home in the Woods is on my frame.
This will take awhile as I am stitching over every edge of the appliqued shapes.
I am using a microquilter thread that disappears nicely.

I have managed to keep current with my Trade Winds BOM, 
but will be unable to show my progress due to Sue's rules.
All I can share is that is stinking cute!

We are headed to Colorado for a week in March 
and then I will join my sister in Santa Fe to take an urban sketching class...something new for me. 
Sis is already a wonderful watercolorist.
We will see if I can catch on to it.

 I am so happy I have my stitching in this sad and unpredictable world.
It calms my anxious mind!
Getting outside and hiking helps too.

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