Saturday, August 31, 2019

A Whirlwind of a Summer!

Summer seemed to be over in a blink of an eye this year.
My daughter and her girls spent June and part of July with us at the cabin. 
Always a wonderful time for all of us, although I don't get much sewing done.
Hometown, by Sweetwater, 
was the first project I completed.
It will be a Christmas gift for my son's family.

My daughter helped me finish In the Woods by McKenna Ryan. 
Both flimsies need their borders added to them, 
but I will have to do that when I return home.
Not enough room here to cut accurate borders.

Autumn Abundance bedrunner by Kim Diehl.
This one is ready to head to the quilter.
Next year, it will adorn my bed here at the cabin! 

Roadrunner by Alison Lang.
This will be made into a pillow.

On a personal note,
we joined my son and his family in Coronado for the 4th of July.

Then in August, we traveled to the Baltic Sea to do some bike riding.
I loved Copenhagen, Helsinki and Stockholm.
St. Petersburg, Russia was fascinating to visit,
but I am thankful I live in the USA.
For most of the trip I rode an E-bike (wonderful invention for the aging rider,)
but on our tour of the summer palaces of Catherine the Great,
we rode these cute little Russian bikes.

We are packing up now to head back to the heat!
I look forward to reuniting with my quilting bee friends!
Thank you for reading, Cheryl.

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