Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A Little Catch Up

Have not been doing much of this..
 my Pennies from Heaven blocks for March and April,

because I have been doing a lot of this...
My mother arranged for a family reunion aboard a cruise ship in the Carribean.  I am not much of a cruise person, but it was the perfect venue for reconnecting with my siblings and our children. My sister arranged for the zip lining trip on St. Maarten.  If you are ever in port, check out the Loterie Farms on the French side.  The young people had a blast and so did us old folks.  I still cannot believe I actually completed the 2 hour obstacle/zip line course in the pouring down rain.  Note we do not have helmets on!  This would not have happened in the USA...too dangerous!  And our lunch sitting out on the veranda under the canopy of trees was delicious, especially the Pina Coladas.

After my return, my sewing machine has been fairly dormant.
 I bound my Saltbox Sampler quilt and I am currently teaching it to a handful of ladies at TOWQS.
I just about have my granddaughter's picnic quilt pieced, but it is slow going.
I really do not like how it came out.
The layer cake looked so bright and cheery, but when pieced, it is flat and uninteresting.
I am hoping a good quilting and washing will give it a comfy look and feel.

There will not be much more coming out of my sewing room for awhile again.
Off to Lake Tahoe for a dear family friend's wedding here in a few days and then heading north for cooler climates.  I know there are parts of the country still suffering from the never ending winter, but we marked our first day of 3 digit temperatures yesterday. (The same day our A/C units decided to go on the blitz!)
My goal for the summer is to finish up some of those UFO's on my list and perhaps work on a new applique quilt.  I fell in love with Pat Wys 'Snowbound', so it may be my Christmas in July project.
Until then...
happy piecing!

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