Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Another One Bites the Dust!

'Christmas Magic'
from Kim Diehl's book,
Simple Seasons.

I can take this one off the WIP list...hooray!
Of course, it is just a flimsy, but in the hands of the quilter.  
When it returns, button embellishments will be added.
I plan to display it on my kitchen table top and cover it with my snowman collection.

And, as always, I did work on something new.
from Heart to Hand.

It currently hangs from the mantel at TOWQS.

I am back working part time at the shoppe, loving every minute of my time with my quilting community.  I'll be teaching an applique series in November, so I am busy preparing the samples for that.  I am also waiting on Lisa Bongean's new book, Little Gatherings, to arrive. Who knows what trouble I will get into once it arrives.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Summer finale!

 As the summer draws to a close,
I have some progress to share.
Farm Girl Finery,
designed by Kim Diehl,
is a flimsy,

Last summer I signed up for Primitive Gatherings BOW, Sunflower Gatherings.  As the packages started arriving, it became obvious to me I had bit off more than I could chew.  
Finally, this summer, I have my abbreviated version pieced.
I am still debating on a border treatment. 
I certainly have plenty of fabrics and wool left over, but they can go in the stash.
My inclination is to leave it as is.
It will be a great wall hanging at the cabin, where I do all my flower gardening.

I did have a small finish...
the September Buttermilk Basin Banner.
I love anything with pumpkins!
My granddaughter helped me plant a garden this summer 
and some of the only survivors are the pumpkins! 
 I will have at least 2 dozen of them in October,
if the hail storm that is currently passing over does not beat them up too badly.
Pesky chipmunks feasted on my carrots, green beans and spinach.
They even ate the jalapeno pepper plant.
I think they snickered at me while I weeded and watered my 'organic' garden.
It was entertaining to watch a row of carrots disappear each night.

We will be heading home soon, so I know this is all the progress I will make on the UFOs and WIPs I brought up with me. Not bad, 3 out of 5 completed.  
Hope you all had a great summer.
Now for fall...
my favorite time of year!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

First Flimsy of the Summer

Haven't accomplished much, but a little is better than nothing.  
We had company over the 4th of July weekend and 
my granddaughter has been with us the last 8 days.
While my daughter was here, we recycled some weathered wood into patriotic decor for the front porch. The cabin is the perfect place to display prim projects.

In the moments I had to myself,
I managed to turn a WIP into a flimsy.
Little Letters,
a free pattern from Temecula Quilt Co.  
I made two sets of letters at the same time.
This one is for my grandson and the other one will be for my granddaughter. The backing fabric is one I picked up 2 years ago.  I started the letters almost 1 year ago...embarrassing that it took this long to get them all done. You can see the backing fabric here.  

I continue to make pennies for my Farm Girl Finery.
 I am not very good at staying on task when the task is very repetitive and involves a lot of flying geese!  

We are headed to Mesa Verde next week for some camping and exploring.
Geez, this summer is flying by!
It will be a miracle if I get a third of what I brought with me done!

Friday, June 26, 2015

I've been lurking!

While managing my LQS, all  I had time for was to read everyone's blog posts; no commenting and certainly no posting of my own.  But now we are at the cabin in Colorado and the annual yard clean-up is done, so my afternoons are free to sew again.  

I did manage to do a few projects while I was working...
 Alphabet Song, by Threads that Bind.

SNOW, by Heart to Hand.

My goal for the summer is to make progress on WIP and UFO projects.  I brought several of them up with me.  Time will tell how much I actually get done.  With no LQS, there are no temptations to buy anything new.  

Currently, I am working on Farm Girl Finery.  I'm busy making the pennies and sawtooth stars for the last borders.  I'll be back when I get them finished.  Hiking, reading on the back porch and my new passion, mountain biking, seem to take up a lot of my time, so it may be awhile.

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer!

Friday, January 23, 2015

How Time Flies!

Can you believe that January is almost over?
Where does the time go!
I have not been blogging, but I have been busy.
My barn quilt is at the quilter's and hopefully will be coming home soon.
With that project done,
it was time to work on my next big project...
Farm Girl Finery, designed by Kim Diehl,
 from her book, Simple Appeal.
The applique is wool.
We are offering this quilt as a BOM at the shoppe.
I love a medallion style quilt, especially one designed by Kim!
This one will adorn my guest room bed when completed.
Then I am going to play with painting the furniture in the room using chalk paint to get a rustic finish using the aqua, red and gold hues that are in the quilt. 
Wish me luck! 

I have completed a few small projects as well.
Something for Easter...
'Spring Has Sprung'
designed by Stacy of Buttermilk Basin, 
featured in the Spring issue of Primitive Quilting.
My version is a little different from her's...I framed mine and scalloped the inner background instead of the outer border.  My scallops got a little wonky though, so don't look too closely.

Finished a few punch needle projects.
These are from Threads That Bind.

And another small quilt to add to my growing collection.
Quilt Squares #4, by Lori Smith.
Reminds me how much I love small scale, scrappy quilt piecing.
These finish at 12 1/2" square.

I am still working several days a week at the shoppe and love every minute of it.  My quilting community is so important to my sanity.
Hope your new quilting year is off to a good start, too.
I'll be back next month with my finished Where the Cows Come Home!

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