Wednesday, August 29, 2018

The End of Summer!

As our summer in the mountains draws to a close, 
I am satisfied with the progress I have made on the projects I brought up to finish. 
First is the inner portion of my Solstice Dreams quilt, 
designed by Kerry Green.
I am excited to finish this one because she is releasing a new design soon!

Then there is my Crimson Tweed wall hanging,
designed by Sue Spargo.
They both need their borders,
so I guess I cannot really call them finishes just yet;
but getting them to this point was my summer goal.

Now this one is a real finish,
 A Sign of Christmas, designed by Cricket Street Wool.
That plaited wool border was a real challenge!

I am also current on my Vases of Flowers quilt by Yoko Saito.
Even September's block is already appliqued down. 
Just need to do the embroidery work.

This coming weekend we will be packing up and heading back home to AZ...
Not looking forward to that part,
but I cannot wait to hug my babies.
A new baby is due Oct. 2nd! 
I used to lament my lack of grandchildren 
and now I will have 5.
Since I am celebrating my Medicare birthday this year, 
 I hope I will have the energy for them all.

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Home, Sweet Home

I love to travel, 
but sometimes the best part is returning home.

The best part of the trip was spending time with my sister.
The scenery was not half bad either.
Now the hiking....
I was not prepared. 

As for stitching...not much got done.
I read 2 books though.
Highly recommend Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty.

Since returning home,
jet lag has made for some productive hours in the middle of the night though.
This is Gila Woodpecker by Alison Lang.
Just needs some buttons and embroidery on the cactus pad. 
I love this one and it will be made into a pillow for my home in Arizona.

While doing laundry today,
I prepped this table runner from Kim Diehl's last book.
It is all ready for some machine applique when I get back to AZ. 
My sewing table at the cabin is not conducive to either machine quilting or machine applique.

My girls have returned to Arizona and school,
but here they are enjoying their last days of cool weather in the mountains.
I miss them.

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