Sunday, July 25, 2010

Finally, the first little house!

Finally, the first of the little houses that will be in the center of my Autumn Harvest quilt. The reason it was not the first block I made is that I decided to redesign it. This required increasing the size to 5" finished, instead of 4", so that the detailing was achievable. In the process, I ran into technical difficulties, specifically printing issues; but now, thanks to my computer programming geek, known in better circles as my son, I am ready to go. The problem with designing your own patterns is that you doubt your design. I like the scale of this house, but the original design had the houses sashed with cream so that they stood out on their own. Now what do I do? Make all four houses with this design and decide if I like the end product, or go back to the drawing board? Yikes, it is so much easier to use an already tested pattern. Stay tuned for the final answer!

My son and his girlfriend are visiting from Arizona for the weekend. They love hiking as much as we do, so we took them up to the Continental Divide at Wolf Creek Pass. Our ascent took us to 10,600 ft. above sea level, and it literally took my breath away. The views were breathtaking as well! As we climbed, I lectured the kids on the names of all the wildflowers. Of course, there was a test at the end!

With every hike I go on I try to learn the name of a new wildflower. Today's wildflower is Little Red Elephant. Of course, this is the purple version and I just love the little trunks and bigs ears on each flower! This one will not be hard for my old brain to remember!

Today is the gathering of my small scale quilt study group at the shoppe. I miss them all, but thanks to one of the clever members, she will blog about the meeting and keep me up to date, pictures and all. I love this forum. What a perfect way for me to stay in touch!

Back to the drawing board...Cheryl

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  1. Love the house block! Colors you used are great! Thanks for sharing. I will visit you again, soon. Carolyn


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