Sunday, January 9, 2011

My Favorite Day of the Month

Today was our monthly meeting of my small scale quilt group.
I could not ask for a better group of quilters to share with, and garner ideas from, than these ladies.
The first one to share was Kristine.
This is her 'Three Barns' designed by Carrie Nelson of Miss Rosie's Quilt Company.
There are something like 600 HST's in this quilt!
Kristine never ceases to amaze and thrill me with her quilts.
Her sense of color and her piecing skills are exemplary!
Surprisingly, that was all she got done since our meeting in December.

Merumo was next, and you can see all her work here.
Do go check her out for some real eye candy!
I showed off my meager accomplishments next.

Now Lin has fallen under the spell of Lisa Bongean's technique for making nine patches.
Everyone sighed when they saw these little guys.
Could they be any cuter?
I have my eye on the little 'negative' one!!
The rest of the afternoon was occupied with sewing the binding on the following quilt.
Her 'Mourning Quilt' designed by Kathleen Tracy.
It will be a gift for a family friend who has endured several losses this last year.

Kathy spent most of November and December making a quilt for each member of her family as Christmas gifts!  That was a fete, but she has given them all away!
Now all she wants is to finish something for herself.
She designed this quilt from a book inherited from her mother.
What a special commemorative quilt! 
Kathy believes it was one her mother had earmarked to make for herself.

 Pauline wanted a quilt for her bed and a queen size is never large enough to cover the thick mattresses we own today, so...
she made this.
She had a fat quarter bundle of Daiwo fabrics (hope I spelled that correctly) and this is what she did with them.
Stunning is all I have to say.

Can you blame me for looking forward to these meetings?
Such inspiration!


  1. Lots of beautiful eye candy - thank you for sharing. :-)

  2. Wow, everything looks wonderful! I'm like you and was drawn to the "negative" one, too. The little Mourning Quilt is very nice, and I'm sure her friend will be comforted.

  3. I always enjoy spending time with you and the ladies. We are truly blessed to have the company of one other. Cheryl, thanks for giving me a visual reminder of our show & tell!

  4. What a visual feast - and I enjoyed Merumo's blog as well. Now I am trying to find out about the 9 patch technique.

  5. No, I DO understand, that you look forward to every meeting in ├Żour quiltgroup. And thanks for sharing all those beauties with us. So much inspiration in a day :-).
    Greeting from DK,

  6. just beautiful, what an inspiring group of ladies...
    yes I totally undersand! I would be looking forward to these meetings too.
    Love the taupe quilt, wow, beautiful. That star quilt is just beautiful another great pattern from Miss Rosie, I think that one I am going to have to make from my scrap bins...
    the little quilts are just fun to make! I am on a little quilt kick right now!
    I bought that book of Lisa's too will have to get it out and check it out
    Thanks for sharing love seeing others quilts.

  7. Enjoyed the lovely quilt "show". My daughter just introduced me to Merumo on youtube. I'll have to tell her about the blog. Thanks!

  8. What a talented group!! I bet you all inspire each other!!

  9. WOW! What a wonderful assortment of quilts. Each one is gorgeous. You should have included your 'meager accomplishments' in this group of pictures too!!

  10. These are each amazing! Kathy's commemorative quilt touches my heart. How fortunate that she, like you, had an ancestor who quilted.

  11. I can certainly see why you look forward to your meetings. What a fun show and tell! Everyone's work is just wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Awesome show and tell! You have quite a talented group of quilters there. Thanks for sharing the pics :-)

  13. I wouldn't miss a single meeting - thanks for sharing your show and tell!

  14. How big are those 3 red white and green ones. They look too tiny to be real!


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