Saturday, May 28, 2011

Quilter's ADHD!

I know we all joke about how many projects we have going at one time, but my quilter's ADHD has gotten a little out of control.  Since we relocated to Colorado, I have been rising early (nothing new for me) and sewing while I watch the French Open on my laptop.
So, in this corner, we have my 1880 Sampler Quilt in progress. 
 (A note for Kathy G: there was no return email for me to send you a pdf that hopefully your MAC can download.  Please send one. )
I have not heard of any other problems downloading the pattern for the Goose in the Pond variation block, but I may add a simple block to use in its place, if need be.
In this nook, we have Bunnyhill's Autumn Houses started. 
And under my cutting table, I have started Pinwheels for Caroline by Lori Smith.  My WIP list had gotten under 10 items, so what the heck!  Besides, this will use up a lot of my reproduction stash!  Believe it or not, it will be a lap size quilt when finished.  I am shocked too!

I love a challenge and today's CW block certainly was one! 
Love it!
Also finished up the Little Blue Basket block that I had put off doing.
My blocks have been redrafted to 6", so this one had to be foundation paper pieced.  8" just seemed so big to me ;o)

Since blogger was having issues this past week, several comments came through without return emails.  I think I have solved my comment problem---turned off the stay signed in button.  Thanks to everyone who gave me suggestions!
This is for Holly: Send me a comment with your email and I will help you get a copy of Autumn's Bounty. 

My DH asked what I had planned today; and when I was non-committal, he stated we should go hike the Continental Divide. "There is more to life than weeding and quilting," he said naively.

Have a safe Memorial Day weekend! 
 I'll be gardening and quilting, silly man!


  1. I found myself working on 3 different projects yesterday. Seems to be a common way for us quilters! Love what you are working on. I really like today's CW block and the fabrics you used.

  2. well you do have a few things going on but with everything all sorted out nicely~!!~

    had to laugh at the conversation you posted about with your husband. if you do take advantage of the hike be sure to take your camera and show us the sights.


  3. Nothing wrong with all those projects! Tell hubby pooey...dinner out would be nice though! LOL

  4. Love all your projects...I know what you mean about the ADHD, I am right there with you! Hope you enjoy your hike, I am so ready for the rain to stop and the sun to some out...beginning to fell moldy.

  5. I love all your projects!!! They look wonderful!! Keep up the great work!! Hugs Ariane

  6. Wow! Cheryl, you do have quite a few irons in the fire!!!! The 1880's quilt top is looking pretty wonderful! as are your other projects. I'm about to do the latest CW block today, it looks like it may pose a challenge, especially deciding which fabrics to use LOL!!!!

  7. I like the looks of the Bunny Hill quilt you have started. Especially the birdhouse block.

  8. I know what you mean! Love it all and have fun trying to get it all finished. I can be in many directions too!

    Hope you are enjoying your time in Colorado---beautiful state. We have been there many times and stay at the Broadmoor in Colorado Springs----a lovely place.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend.


  9. No time for boredom is there? Regardless of the work load they are all beautiful pieces of work. Just enjoy them for what they are.
    But in saying that, I too am a little overwhelmed by all my "to do's". I have decided the Farmer's Wife will become a lapquilt. Now I feel better!

  10. Reminds me of what my house often looks like. I didn't get either your block or the CW one done this week. In fact I'm 2 behind on the 1880 sampler. Spent the day sewing backs for 4 quilts. Have decided to let a friend baste them for me on her long arm. Maybe that will get me to the quilting step!
    Have a good weekend.

  11. Both quilts and block are wonderful, for me is a problem work on more than 2 at time, You are a very organized girl!
    Happy Memorial Day!

  12. I swear we are kindred spirits! You know I love your 1800 blocks, and I love ALL Lori Smith patterns (I hadn't seen this one) and I almost always make my blocks smaller. 8" seems HUGE! I also love all of your fabric choices - thanks for sharing.

  13. Love all your projects! Pinwheels for Caroline is a favorite of mine. I just love it. Need to get busy on some blocks see, I have Quilter's ADHD also...LOL!

  14. HI....
    I tried again with my son's help and was able to download the pattern. Thank you for offering to send me a PDF...I appreciate your thoughtfulness!

  15. they all look wonderful
    I think its nice to be able to chose what project to work on each day by what we are inspired by!
    have fun with all of them!

  16. Wow, I'm impressed. As an ADHD quilter, I am hard pressed to have more than one or two projects going. I find that it's too distracting for me to work on one project while another is sitting there frowning at me and wondering why I won't come play!

    I'm not certain about blogging etiquette, but I'd like to ask Sharon to please send the rain to Louisiana.....we have a flood and drought at the same time here (I'm in the drought zone only about 50 miles from the flood).....even Mother Nature is ADHD!

  17. I'm glad I'm not the only one with so many projects going on :-) yours are wonderful!


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