Monday, June 6, 2011

Grandpap's Cards

Nothing like a weekend of French Open tennis and broken down internet service to get a small quilt pieced!  I don't have a good inner border fabric in my stash; so unless the LQS has something, Grandpap's Cards will have to wait until I get back to AZ and TOWQS to qualify as a real finish.
I drafted the Crosses and Losses blocks down to 3" and have the perfect spot for it on my bedroom wall.  I also think I will try tea dyeing to make it look even more antique.
On the subject of our LQS here in Pagosa is a small cubby in the back of the local Mercantile, where hunting and fishing supplies seem to be the main fare.  The owner still manages to have a fairly good selection and carries mostly Moda fabrics, some reproductions, and a sampling of batiks.

I also spent some time getting block #3 of Autumn Houses done, sans the embroidery.
It still needs a little squirrel in the bottom corner, but I don't have the perfect fabric for that either.  That makes two things to look for at the LQS.  I use the starch and glue prep method for my applique and I am trying out a new archival glue from Jillily Studio called Appli-Glue.  Like it so far, especially the non-clogging tip; but the real test will be to see how water soluble it is.  I always rinse my applique after it is done to loosen and remove the glue.

We have been experiencing heavy smoke in the skies from the fires burning near Alpine in AZ.  I have several friends with cabins in the area and pray they are safe. 


  1. Cheryl, I love your Grandpap's Cards. Very fine and beautiful.
    The house is so cute.
    Hope, you soon will hear from your friends, that they are safe.

  2. Love Grandpap's Cards. Love the name, the design, and your fabric choices.

  3. Your Autumn House block made me smile. Love the fabrics you picked. A little squirrel will look so sweet sitting in the corner! Your Grandpap's Cards quilt top turned out wonderfully, too. Such fun projects!

  4. Your Grandpap's Cards quilt is wonderful. Love the colors you used.
    The Autumn House is adorable. I look forward to hearing how the glue washed out. I have a bottle of it and just haven't used it yet.
    My daughter lives in Albequerque and has been complaining about the smoke and ash. I hope your friends are safe.

  5. what a great way to spend a weekend and fantastic results~!!~


  6. Just look at the adorable Autumn house ! Your Grandpaps quilt is wonderful ! Looks like you had a very productive weekend ;-)

  7. I love your Grandpap's Cards quilt. And the house quilt is so great. Hope your friends are safe. Hugs.

  8. You have not been idle during your break. I am sure it is frustrating not to be able to just drive out and get what you need quickly.
    I hope you and your friends stay safe and far, far away from any fires. Take care.

  9. Love your new applique block, very nice design!! Your little quilt looks great too, love the blocks in it!!!

  10. So you can get bait and quilting supplies at the same stop?! I love it!!
    Your newest little quilt is so cute. I love the new block too. The pumpkin tree is so whimsical and adorable!

  11. Love your house block! Wonderful choice of prints and colors.

    Grandpa's Cards turned out great.

    I am sure that the "Old Mercatile" store is a fun one!

    Thanks for sharing,


  12. The taupe fabric is perfect for Grandpap's cards.
    Autumn Houses is precious!
    Good luck with finding the fabric you need.
    Hope your friends are safe.

  13. Your Grandpa's cards quilt looks wonderful! I love the soild fabric you chose. It does look wonderful. Lovely appliqué......fall quilts are some of my favorite. We have lots of smoke here in Florida from any wildfires in the area.


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