Thursday, June 9, 2011

I managed to get this week's CW block from Barbara Brackman's site done.
I didn't like it until I saw my blog friend, Merilyn's, block. 
I didn't have a fabulous floral stripe, but this came close and looks rather handsome on point, which is how I plan to set my blocks.  I have become obsessed with on-point settings recently.

On the topic of the anniversary of the Civil War, I found a new blog to follow called The Civil War Quilter.  Becky is working on a book that I will be anxious to see and reproduces Civil War era quilts.  Make sure to read her April 30th post about Love and Valor

My feet are on ice, hoping to reduce the inflammation so I can get back in my hiking boots.
But, until then, I am making lots of quilting progress...
3 more 1880 sampler blocks, more pinwheels and some gifts that I can't show.

I can't go exploring for wildflowers to photograph,
but at least my garden is starting to bloom.
My favorite color in the garden is purple...can't you tell!

And these are the pine cones on the Colorado Blue Spruce that are planted around the perimeter of our land.  My Snow in Summer is finally getting its little white flowers and I love the contrast with the Dianthus.  I am an amatuer gardener, but sometimes my combos actually work.


  1. Sorry your feet are on ice. Hope all is better soon. Lovely blocks and flowers. I've never seen pinecones like those - neat!

  2. Hope you're able to hike soon. Love your CW block. Love the flower pics. Hugs.

  3. your garden is exactly where mine is now . . . just seeing the snow on the mountain flowers beginning to do their thing~!

    LOVE that iris~!!~!


  4. Beautiful flowers! Hope your feet are doing better, I am going to the podiatrist on Monday...darn feet! and I love your blocks, thanks for sharing.

  5. Wonderful post Cheryl!!!!! Hope your feet are better soon.


  6. Your blocks are beautiful! And your flowers are gorgeous. Makes me miss all of the bearded iris that I used to grow. It will be awhile before my little blue spruce produces those beautiful cones - it is only 2 1/2 feet tall :)
    I hope the swelling goes down soon so that you can get back to the hinking that you love so much.

  7. I hope your feet feel better very soon! Lovely blocks :-) thanks for sharing pictures of your flowers. They are beautiful!

  8. I think you chose your fabric well for this block and I like the idea of setting them all on point! I still haven't decided that far ahead yet! I've just discovered that blog you mentioned too, it looks to be very interesting as does the book. I just love those 1880 blocks, something about them!!!!

  9. Feet on ice----what did you do? Flowers are lovely, you must have a green themb. Going to check out the Civil War Quilts site.

  10. You nurture your garden and creativity and get beautiful results in both areas. Look after those poor feet!

  11. Hope your feet recover soon! Your garden is beautiful.

  12. I hope, you will feel better very soon,
    You have made some pretty garden photos - - great photos as always.
    And you are as always busy working on beautiful blocks.
    Have a great weekend.

  13. Sorry to hear that you've been under the weather, too. Hope your feet are on the mend. I really enjoyed your pine cone photo. They looked like a beautiful shade of red on my computer screen. Also, enjoyed seeing your three additional sampler blocks—thank you for the inspiration.


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