Monday, June 27, 2011

Pinwheels for Caroline... Lori Smith.
I needed a break from my R&W quilt, so working on my Caroline's Pinwheels seemed like the perfect answer.  I make one 3" R&W block each day before I allow myself to start playing with the fabrics for this one.  Her instructions suggest using 4, red, green and gold, besides the neutrals--brown and black...which I found dull. So, I spruced it up a little with some pink and cheddar. I am finding the most important element in fabric choices is value, especially in the ocean waves border.  I am having difficulty with the ocean waves blocks.  I have never made them before and with each one I make I learn more about which areas are critical to points matching.  Hopefully, I will have it figured out in the next few attempts. Have any words of wisdom?

It is a melancholy Monday for me.  Both Serena and Venus lost today, so the women's game now holds very little interest for me.  Still have my favorite male players in the mix though.  Sad for American tennis, but Mardy Fish is the last one standing in singles.  We can always count on the Bryan brothers to make a good run for us though! 

Wimbledon takes the first Sunday of the tournament off, so we hiked a new trail on the east side of the San Juan Mountains.  I was very proud that I climbed to an elevation of about 12,600 ft.  If you are wondering, I am training so I can hike Macchu Picchu in the fall.
I have added a page at the top below my header if you want to see more of the wildflowers I photograph.  I have also identified them.  Here is the highlight pic of the hike:
White Globeflower...found in marshy areas near streams and creeks. 
The boggy slope of Kitty Creek was covered in them.  Some almost had a peachy hue to them.
First time I had seen this one.
Also liked the vibrant Parry Primrose...also an alpine stream dweller.
I am flying back to AZ on Wed. 
I am anxious get some retail therapy at TOWQS.
New wools arrived as well as some new fabric lines. 
Hope I can show some restraint!
A new coiffure is badly needed as well.
We'll be headed to Napa to celebrate my mother's 80th.
It will be sort of a family reunion. 
I'll take my opportunity now to wish everyone a happy and safe 4th of July!


  1. Napa as in CA Napa? Happy Birthday to your mom!! Enjoy the time together.

    I'm sorry but no words of wisdom for ya on the piece. I find it pretty and love the colors your choosing.

  2. Glad to see that you are back on the hiking trails! Thanks for sharing the beautiful flower pics.
    A very happy birthday to your Mom. Enjoy your time in Napa :)
    Love the colors your are using in your quilt top.

  3. I love the progress on your Carolina quilt...great color selection.

    I am working on an Ocean Waves quilt also. At this point I feel like I'm never going to get it completed...sigh. I'm still squaring up my 1200+ half square triangle blocks. I can only do it for about an hour or so before I'm bored out of my mind and half to move on to something else.

  4. Thank you for giving the name of the White Globeflower. I have a picture of it a couple of posts back on my blog and had no idea what the name was.

    Love the blocks you are working on. Hugs.

  5. Love your Caroline quilt....beautiful pictures too!

  6. Oh, I love your Caroline quilt. applause applause!!!!! :-)

    Happy, Happy Birthday to your Mom enjoy the family reunion.

  7. Your Caroline Quilt is WONDERFUL!

    Have fun shopping and wish your Mother A very HAppy 80th Birthday !

  8. Your pinwheel quilt is beautiful and your photography is breathtaking. Have a good trip.

  9. Love your pinwheels! Great job!

  10. Clever way to make sure you continue making progress on your R&W quilt! You are so disciplined. I wish some of that would rub off on me! Love the part about "retail therapy"! I'm not sure I could show much restraint when it comes to wool!

  11. Such gorgeous wildflowers!
    Your Carolina's Pinwheels quilt is turning out awesome! I really like your stratedy for completing your R&W quilt blocks too!

    Happy 80th birthday to Mom!

  12. You have posted on all kinds of goodness!! Macchu Picchu? That should be an awesome hike!!

  13. I'm no help with the ocean waves - would love to make one some day.
    Ahh, no wonder you are hiking so much. Sounds like a great adventure.
    Happy Birthday to your mom and have fun at TOWQS!

  14. I think your version is look fantastic. I have the same pattern but haven't looked at it for a long time.

  15. Your Pinwheel Quilt look great, Cheryl. It looks great with the pink and cheddar fabrics added.
    Congratulation to you mum. I hope, you will have a lovely time with your mum and the rest of the family.
    I like to watch your flower photos. So interesting.

  16. The pinwheels are looking divine, love the addition of the pink and cheddar, provides more visual interest!! Your photography is just lovely!!! Have a great trip!!!

  17. Your version of Lori Smith's pattern is coming together beautifully.You have shown us some glorious photos of the flora in your travels. No sign of the big cat I hope?

  18. Your pinwheel blocks are wonderful.

    Love the pictures of the beautiful flowers and plants.

    Happy Bithday to your MOM!!!!


  19. I like the use of the half square triangle blocks between the pinwheel blocks. And your fabric choices.

  20. Love the pinwheels quilt and the beautiful flowers.


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