Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunday Funnies

I'll get to some quilt related pics after I share a little tale with you.
There is a riding stables near our cabin and every evening, they release the horses into the meadow behind us to graze and romp around.  Each morning the cowboy rides out to round up the group accompanied by his dog, Midnight.  
 How do I know the dog's name?
Yesterday morning, the dog meet our other evening guest in the meadow and being a curious fellow, decided to check it out.
Next thing I hear is, "No, Midnight, No!"
Too late! 
 Poor Midnight was pawing at his nose and rolling in the grass while the horses made a speedy retreat into the trees.  I don't know who I felt worse for...the dog or the cowboy.
Needless to say, Midnight didn't join the cowboy on this mornings roundup!

Autumn's Finale by Ruan Robertson arrived in the mail.  I could not be more pleased with my purchase and donation to the AAQI cause.  I love her use of decorative stitches in the quilting and applique.  According to the info on the site, the background fabrics were hand dyed by her, and don't you love the striped binding she chose.  A true work of art!

I managed to get another Autumn House done.  I am working furiously to prep as many of the blocks as I can before I return to AZ.  I won't have my machine for 3+ weeks, so I need some handwork.  My daughter has her machine that I can use, but I can't take all my fabrics home on the plane.
We did fit in a hike to the stunning Silver Creek Falls yesterday.  With the snow still melting in the high country, all the rivers and creeks are running high, making for some impressive cascading water.
We continued above the falls, and around 8,000 ft I captured some pictures of a very unusual vine that was winding its way around the trees and bushes.
I have been unable to identify it in my Guide to Colorado Wildflowers, but later today I'll do a search and see what I can find out about this ephemeral beauty.


  1. The area your in is just beautiful and enjoyed Midnight's tale. Poor thing.

  2. The flower reminds me a little of a columbine or maybe a Mariposa lily. It's hard to tell with the one photo. What a gorgeous area!!

    Yay! For purchasing the beautiful AAQI quilt. It is very nice!

  3. Oh no, poor Midnight!!!! LOL

    Love your finished block!

    That area is stunning - thank you for sharing pictures.

  4. You are in a beautiful area, Cheryl.
    Funny story about the poor dog.
    I love the simplicity of your little AAQI quilt. Do you know what you are doing to do with it?
    Your autumn house blocks are coming along. Love the background fabric with writing on this one.

  5. Love all the pictures you shared. Poor Mom's dog did that once. I admired the AAQI quilt you purchased on the website. It is very beautiful. Your house block looks really good. I love house blocks. Hugs

  6. What a delightful purchase and for such a good cause. I love the little quilt, it is beautifully made! The little house block is cute as ever!! Lovely photos of your hike!!!

  7. Beautiful photos, Cheryl! It would be nice to be there and hiking with you;) The flower of the vine reminds me of the vines which Latin name is Clematis...

  8. What a humorous story about Midnight and the cowboy, though I'm sure they did not find it funny! You sure are making good progress on the Autumn House quilt--another block well done! You should be in good shape by the time you return to AZ.

  9. If you have been hiking then your feet must be feeling better. Make sure that you don't overdo it.
    You are keeping a good pace with your handwork and that new little quilt is definitely a work of art.
    And as for poor old Midnight, what can I say?

  10. We enjoyed the story! Thanks for sharing it.....too funny! Poor Midnight! Love the little quilt!

  11. Oh poor Midnight, I bet he's not feeling well. Love the block and beautiful scenery.

  12. oh~!~poor Midnight.

    love the AAQI piece. those string pieced leaves are awesome~!!~ such a great cause and i hope to contribute a little quilt of my own to them for selling very soon.



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