Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Morning Visitor

I hear this fellow every morning, but have never seen him until today. 
Fearless, he was unmoved by my approach.  And why not, he is a Great Horned Owl.
He has no horns...his name comes from the tufts that appear similar to cat's ears.
Did you know they will attack humans to protect their young and have been known to prey on our domestic pets. 
 Of course, I left my telephoto lens in Colorado.
I never seem to have it when the opportunity for a great wildlife photo arises!

Finished and gifted this darling door hangar yesterday.  It is Kim Diehl's design. 

We are now cleaning up the dust and mud left behind by Tuesday night's Haboob.
I was picking my DD up at the airport as it approached the city.  Her plane was one of the last to land before they closed down the airport. 
An awesome sight!...but a mess the next day. 
The sky is clearer this morning, but the air was thick all day yesterday and everything tasted like dirt.

 I just keep hand appliqueing Autumn Houses and making R&W blocks.  I am half way done!


  1. Hi Cheryl, Love the owl! Where we live it is wooded and we have owl's too. We have a family of snow owl's so fun to watch. I love to here there call!!

    Your welcome door hanger is darling.

    What a mess with the Haboob. We heard about it on our news. What a mess. Thankful that your daughter was able to land at the airport safely.

    Thanks for all of you inspiration!


  2. We occasionally get a visit from a horned owl - they are an amazing sight.

    The haboob just missed us - it was definitely a sight.

    Love the door hanger - very cute.

  3. What an amazing shot, Cheryl! The owl is magnificent. His tufts are so cute! Love owls! Thank you for sharing this cool photo.

  4. Your picture of the Horned Owl is awesome. I've never been able to catch a picture of one.

    Your door hanger is neat. I'm going to have to make one.

    The picture of the Haboob is unreal. I'm so glad your daughter landed safely.

    Thanks for sharing. Hugs.

  5. What a lovely gift! I enjoyed your nature photos even without the special lens. Have a great weekend!

  6. So glad that nothing bad happened to you with the haboob. I have seen an amazing video of it as it approached the city.
    The great horned owl looks so majestic!
    Love the little welcome gift you created!

  7. Do keep an eye on your pets, if you have any. Owls get hungry!

    That little gift is precious. Someone must be very happy and grateful!

  8. Cheryl, what an awesome Owl, very regal in his stature!!! Thankyou for sharing these wonderful snaps of your wildlife I do enjoy them!
    We heard about and saw on the tv news about the dust storms, oh my! incredible sight but not so nice to have to endure, a fine film of dust gets into everything, we had one here a couple of years ago, very eerie!!! Love the little door hanger thingy, very cute!!!!

  9. Love the owl picture! We saw an owl go after a bat a few weeks ago, but ours wasn't a great horned owl. Love the door hanger. What a storm! I've never seen anything like that. I'm glad your DD was able to get in okay!

  10. Until this spring, we have had an owl residing in the trees that border out back yard. But I have not seen him lately as they are putting in new storm water drains, and I think the large machinary and all the noise has scared him away. Love your little door hanger! and the dust storm...whew! As I watched it on the news, I kept expecting a face to appear...from the Mummy movie. I wondered if everyone had a huge mess to clean up. Glad your DD got home ok!

  11. That owl is magnificent Cheryl, glad you got a pic.
    I like the door hanger, cute idea.
    That Haboob is really eerie, does it happen often?

  12. Seeing the owl must have been quite a sighting for you. A great photo.

  13. What a lovely door hanger and such a fun pattern!!
    Great photo of the owl even without your telephoto.


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