Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fall is finally here!

Fall arrives late to the desert and without much of a fuss.
We know it is here when the daytime temps are under 90 and we can open our windows to clean, crisp air at night.
I am envious of those of you who are enjoying the colors of the season, so I need to bring some of it to my environment with quilting projects.
Picked up the newest Sew Scrappy by BH&G and fell instantly in love with this project by Lynda Hall.  Of course, Renee Nanneman's new homespun collection also arrived at TOWQS and will be perfect for it.
It will be my reward for finishing up my prep work for the Farmer's Wife Club meeting tomorrow...yes, I am a procrastinator!

This week I was the lucky recipient of these two lovely stitcheries from a dear quilting friend, Deb.
I believe this one is called O' Pumpkin Tree and I will finish it with my new homespun fabrics.
This little guy is going to get some special treatment, but stay tuned for that.  
I want to design a medallion style quilt around him using black and orange fabrics.

Finally, my quilt, Autumn Houses by Bunnyhill, came back yesterday from a very talented machine quilter.  Carol is an artist who plies her craft on her 20+ year old Bernina.
Here is a sampling of the wonderful enhancements she applied to my quilt.
Remember you can click on the pictures to enlarge them to see the detail.
I love how she added the vines and flowers in the open spaces.

I'll be heading to Houston next week for the festival.  I will try to come home with lots of pics to share and not too much merchandise.  However, the Primitive Gatherings booth will be first on my list of places to visit and you cannot count on me using even a modicum of self control there!

But first, back to FW blocks and the next 1880 Sampler blocks.  Lots to do before I leave.


  1. Oh so much goodness. I loved the project from Lynda Hall too. It sure caught my eyes and is on the to-do list.

    Love your Autumn House blocks. Those are just gorgeous.

    So good to know that Renee has some new homespuns out. I used all my other ones to put in the quilt (Abacus) you designed for her new book. I'm working on that this week for a friend of ours who has been in the hospital for the last four weeks. Thought it would be nice for him to recover under :) Thank you for the pattern. I love it.

  2. love the eye candy!
    well here in arizona our weather finally is cooling off! we just shut off our air last week! it's been in the 80's, which is perfect here for us. make it a great day!

  3. Your autumn quilts are beautiful. I much prefer quilting done on a regular sewing machine. Your quilter did a wonderful job.
    In Texas we woke up to temps in the 50's, our fall has arrived, if only for a day or two. Leaves are just starting to turn. The rest of the year should be wonderful, until it gets hot again in June. Hugs

  4. I just love your Autumn Houses quilt ! Just GORGEOUS!

    What a wonderful friend to send you these 2 fall stitchery . Can't wait to see how you finish them
    Have fun in Houston !

  5. Your machine quilter has done a most spectacular job on your quilt, she has really brought it to life in the most wonderful way, such an eye for detail, wow! I'd be over the moon if she could do that with anything of mine LOL!!!!! Have fun at the Houston Show!!!

  6. I fell in love with the Sew Scrappy Magazine today and it HAD to come home with me. I marked that page....wish I had nice wools like that pile you have...drooling here!
    Your quilt is a beauty!!!! Looking forward to hearing what you have to say about market...bring me something! LOL

  7. OMG! That is an amazing quilt! Lots of fall in this post. The two blocks you were gifted are just too cute. Have fun with the new project and on your trip to Houston. Seems like you just got back and now you are getting ready to leave again. Busy, busy!

  8. Lovely lovely projects! The quilting is divine, is it done on a long arm or domestic machine?

  9. Hi Cheryl, Oh, I loved that project, too! In fact, there are probably only 2 in the magazine that I really don't care for... maybe just the fabric choice.

    Lovely stitcheries! Lucky you! And looking forward to seeing more of Autumn Houses.

    Have fun in Houston...

    ---on a side note, I wish blogger would stop with all the enhancing. Clicking pics to send me to a slideshow is not my idea of an enhancement. Pics are the same size. I would like to opt-out.

    Is your comment situation still on-going?

  10. Oh you lucky girl! Those gifts are wonderful. I LOVE the pumpkin tree one. Your quilter did a fabulous job on your Autumn Houses. Have fun at Houston, and we'll wait to see what you bring back. :)

  11. Get that credit card out when you hit primitive gatherings. It's fabulous! I spent a good wad there during market! Have fun and post lots of pictures!


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