Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Short, Sweet and Finished

And does it not look fabulous on my kitchen table!
Short and Sweet by Kim Diehl.
I kept the quilting simple...
Cross-hatching in the center and echo quilting around the border.
here is the gratuitous picture of my precious granddaughter on it.

Progress to report on Primitive Pumpkins.
The leaves are not in their permanent spots yet. 
 I like to sew down the vine and pumpkins before I iron them in place. 
 They tend to come off when I am stitching.
The hardest part has been finding wool that will contrast with such a dark background.  
I seldom buy kits, but it might have been easier to buy one from The Quilter's Station.
I shrank the quilt down to 2" finished squares, but did not change the size of the applique shapes.  I wanted them to be more prominent.
Cannot wait to do the leave quilting motif in the borders.

I have the first block of my Pennies from Heaven prepped.
  It is a BOM, but I know this will come as no surprise...
I want to change up the colors, but I am having a hard time committing to the bright lime green petals.  
Risky business, for sure.

Well, off to another buttonhole stitching marathon.


  1. She is absolutely adorable!!!! Thank you for sharing a picture of her. :-)

    Loving everything today, Cheryl. Then again, I always do. :-)

  2. Everything looks wonderful! I love your little granddaughter on the quilt. She sets it off nicely :D

    Love your Pennies From Heaven block!

  3. All of them are adorable...including the sweet baby.

  4. Just beautiful, Cheryl...
    and your quilts are lovely, too. ;-)
    How precious is that little one!

    Primitive Pumpkins is outstanding.

    The lime green petals do look a little bright for your color palette. But I see some pinks and teal / aqua in the Kim Diehl piece. Oh, go for it!

  5. I love all your pics! That little quilt is darling and so is the baby sitting on top!! I find I am using more and more lime green...and green in general. I think back to our old kitchen and I used to hate that old it's very popular again!

  6. I love your Kim Diehl top! It looks so bright and cheery.

    I have also started the Pennies from Heaven quilt. Which quilt shop is running your program?

  7. What a doll your granddaughter is! Love everything you've done! Busy, busy girl!

  8. I am just enamored with your Kim Diehl is wonderful!

  9. Your granddaughter is cute as a button! And the quilts are equally sweet! And I think the lime works! :o)

  10. Love all of your projects, but especially the Kim Diehl - and the darling granddaughter is icing on the cake!

  11. Precious little one there!!! Your projects are beautiful. I especially love the pumpkins!

  12. Your projects are wonderful. Thank you for sharing with us today.

  13. Your little quilt turned out really terrific! Just love that picture of your beautiful granddaughter sitting on it!
    Your primitive pumpkins is turning out awesome too! Looking forward to following your progress on that Pennies from Heaven BOM too!

  14. PRECIOUS!! Thank you for sharing your adorable grandaughter with us.

    All your projects are wonderful!

    :) Carolyn

  15. Thank you for sharing your precious granddaughter. LOVE the quilting on Short and Sweet. Sew glad you kept going on the Primitive Pumpkins. The addition of the wool applique is the icing. plus I really like the texture of the background fabric for Pennies from Heaven. Sew much yummy to take in

  16. Shoot! Now I want one!! I'm so glad your mojo came back! Great quilts! You've added to my list!

  17. Oh Cheryl, you really have sweet little precious things! I enjoyed every photo!!

  18. Oh that topper on your table is gorgeous!! And so is your granddaughter. :)

  19. What cuties - both the baby and the quilts!

  20. Oh my! Cheryl, your table quilt is just gorgeous, and I love the way it is quilted too, beautiful work and so quick!!!! Your little GD, is so sweet! You are doing some beautiful applique work!!!

  21. Your granddaughter is adorable :-) Your projects are great......I'm so ready for fall! Thanks for the inspiration.

  22. Love the border on your first quilt; it really adds to the overall quilt. Your "quilting" adds even more! Your second quilt is great too. Love the applique and fall look!

  23. oh my~! what an adoreably cute baby that is~!!!~ i definately have grandma envy.

    the quilts are pretty fabulous too.
    i really like the way that the echo quilting looks on the border of your Kim Diehl table piece and the pumpkin piece is looking great. i can't wait to see that one finished . . . it will be a beautiful piece to have out during the fall season.

    the Pennies from Heaven block is very striking. i like that bright green with the red and it all pops nicely off of that beautiful background~! risky business maybe, but it really is a "WOW" looking block.


    so happy to be visiting and seeing what you've been up to~!

  24. What a cute little granddaugther. Thank for sharing the beautifuk photos with us.

  25. Wow! What a treat to visit. I love your work.

  26. What a beautiful project! I think I like yours even better than Kim's. I just bought the book last week and its one of my favourites in it! Great job!


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