Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Just a little finish...

 Punkin Seeds,
designed by Little Bits by Joan.
My versatile hubbie made the primitive frame for me.
While I was at it,
I made Woodland Winter #303 as well.
Both projects were quick and easy to do.

I am procrastinating yet again.
Pinwheels for Caroline came back from the longarm quilter and is ready for a binding. 
 I'll use the still warm weather as my excuse for not tackling it just yet.

Of course, I am itching to start something new, so I picked up one of the new
 Little Bites by Miss Rosie's Quilt Co. called Tidbit.
I could not resist it when I saw the 3 little quilts made by Carrie Nelson for the October meeting of the Miss Rosie's Club at TOWQS.  If you want to see them, go to Carrie's post here.

I finally got the nerve to tackle the embroidery on my PFH BOM.  
Block #1
Block #2-the hardest part was getting the straight stitches of the sunburst equal.
Must have ripped them out 10 times.
Thank you, Anne, for suggesting a sunburst instead of the smiley face!
Block #3
I have been using seed beads instead of colonial knots where indicated,
but stopped after adding them to the aqua petals (the bottom two petals have the beads.)
Decided to wait until all the blocks are made to see if perhaps these beads are too much for my taste.

Next month's block is predominately aqua/teal, which has created a slight problem...
I don't own the perfect medium teal Valdani perle cotton.
They make it, but I cannot order it directly from them.  
You have to find a shop that carries it.    
Snowflake Memories has a good selection, but no #42.
So I cut off some of a very dark teal I did have and tried to lighten it in a bath of dilute Clorox.  When they said it was colorfast, they meant it. 
 It lightened only slightly even after drying it in direct sunlight. 
After all that, I did find the thread at Primitive Gatherings. 
Should have looked there first! But now I know it is truly colorfast!

Thoughts and prayers to those dealing with the aftermath of Sandy!


  1. Cute! Cute! Cute! I just love the Little Bits patterns~ I've made the pumpkins too. :-) Your blocks look great too!

  2. All your projects are so cute,and I love the seed beads!

  3. Love all of your cute little quilts. Very sweet! And you are ready for Christmas with the second one! Way to go! Love your PFH! I have not begun yet, but there is a new wool group at the local store. I can't wait to work on it there! It will help me catch up to your 3 blocks!

  4. Those beads add SO much interest to your projects - how fun!

  5. Yup, those PfH blocks are looking delightful. And it looks like fretting over the embroidery was a lost cause - it turned out beautifully!

    Love the pumpkins, too. But then I'm a sucker for anything in that colour range...

  6. your embroidery for the BOM blocks is putting this project into a whole different category~!!~LOVE it~!

    cute little frameables too, the pumpkins are especially charming.

    libby Q

  7. Your little quilts are so cute, and I love those blocks you're working on! They're beautiful! :0)

  8. The frames are perfect for your needlework pieces. My husband does not have tools to make frames and it is hard to come up with odd shapes and sizes of frames.

  9. I'm seriously envious of those frames your hubby made---those two pieces are gorgeous. :) Love your wool blocks too.

  10. Love your framed pumpkins and winter scene! The frame is fantastic!!
    PFH is gorgeous!!

  11. You do such marvelous work. It's a joy to come here and see what you are working on. Thanks for sharing with us.

  12. Your fall and winter projects are just the kind of seasonal decoration I love. Very sweet and your DH's frame is perfect for them.
    Love the background fabric on your PFH BOM. The beads are delicate. I expect you'll be happy with them in the end. Lovely!

  13. Your little wool quilts are just DARLING!

    WOWSERS... your embroidery on Pennies from Heaven is gorgeous! You've inspired me to pick up this book, although I have no clue when I'll ever get around to even opening it. lol

    Congratulations on all your wonderful finishes!

  14. Beautiful finishes! Wonderful frames too :-)

  15. I always enjoy seeing your projects and your colour choices. I had wanted to visit my sister in Michigan this fall but alas not this year. When I go it must be in the fall. So this year I will just enjoy all the autumnal projects that I can find. I was taken by Carrie's pattern too, such a versatile little block. I bought her pincushion pattern.

  16. Just love those adorable Pumpkins & Xmas wall hangings. I think everyone wants to buy your hubbys frames ;-)

  17. You've been keeping very busy Cheryl with a variety of of projects! - I've been a bit behind on my blog reading of late, but catching up slowly! Just love the Pinwheels for Caroline quilt, it'll look stunning once it's completed, can't wait to see that!
    Also love the idea of using those shapes to quilt around, such a simple idea, and you get a great result too! Love the Pennies from Heaven blocks, they are just gorgeous little pieces of work, you're doing a great job with those!! Hope you weren't in the way of that awful 'Sandy' event, such dreadful destruction.....


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