Wednesday, November 14, 2012

This and That

I am on a winning streak!
This time it is this awesome pattern from Linda of 
Click on her blog name to see the quilt up close. 
Both her design and the quilting are exquisite.
Her pattern reproduces one of the quilts from the 
Infinite Variety Show.
Perhaps this will inspire me to finish my red and white quilt.

The weather cooled down dramatically and I mustered enough energy to sew the binding on Pinwheels for Caroline.  I love scrappy bindings, so I chose to do this one in black scraps...perhaps not my best idea. However, I am using up my stash, which was my original goal with this quilt.  The one good decision I made was to go with a wool batt.
I love the texture and it hasn't been washed yet!
Ignore the dark stripe running across the quilt...poor photo.

Block 4 of PFH is done.
The BOM instructor gave us a new stitch for the stem.
She plans to show us a few more variations, 
so I will try all of them and then choose my favorite.
BTW, the #42 teal I ordered was the wrong color.
  It is so hard to tell from the pics on the computer the true color of the thread.  
So, my clorox lightened thread will just have to is the thread on the darkest petals.

Company is coming!
Next week my DD and I will be hosting Thanksgiving dinner, as well as out of town guests.
Lots of work to get the house and all the meals prepared.
So, I will wish everyone a 
Happy Thanksgiving


  1. Ahh, nice red and white quilt pattern! Have fun! I started the Pennies from Heaven blocks and need to choose my wools. Yours are still looking lovely! I am going to see if it looks nice all scrappy in color. Ginger is still needing me close and I am getting little bits done here and there. I hope to start stitching tonight on these blocks and hope to catch up with you soon!!

  2. On block four what does PFH mean?

  3. I would never have thought of using Clorox to lighten a thread color. Good idea.

  4. Congrats on your wins! Love pinwheels for caroline - the quilting is fabulous. Fun to learn a new stitch - looks great. Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. Congrats on winning the pattern ! Just love how your quilt came out !
    Wising you a very Happy Thanksgiving !

  6. Just love the texture of the quiting on your quilt, it looks fabulous and with a wool batt should wash up nice!!! Congratulations on your pattern win! I too was very fortunate to be one of the winners of that pattern as well! I agree it is an exquisite quilt, and I just loved seeing the closeup shots of the quilting!!! There were some outstanding red/white quilts shown on Linda's blog!

  7. Congratulations on you lovely prize.
    Sounds like the sewing will be put away for the next week as you prepare for the festivities. Enjoy.

  8. your newest PFH block is great and i love seeing your stitching~!

    arent' wool batts fabulous~!?!~

    have a very happy thanksgiving and enjoy the family, friends and food.


  9. Just love how your Pinwheels for Caroline looks all quilted! Your Pennies block is beautiful too!
    Wishing you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving!

  10. Wool batting is wonderful!!! I love it. Congrats on the win, great pattern!
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. Enjoy!

  11. Flower is looking fantastic thanks for sharing your hard work.

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