Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Lucky Charm

Here is my Shamrock.
More like a four leaf clover and a little anemic.
Could have been more dramatic in a poison green, but I didn't have enough variety in that color way.

Here is the layout:
To set it on point, I cut two 5"x 8" rectangles and with the right sides facing up, cut them in half at a 30 degree angle.
Applied these units to all four sides of the 7" twister and then...
squared it up to 8.5" x 8.5".  Made a 1/4" bias stem and appliqued it on.
Jeanne over at Crystal Creek Quilts is designing one too.
Keep your eye on her blog for when she posts hers.
Had a heck of a time trying to upload pics today.
Madame Samm recommended adding them in HTML, and viola, it worked!
Thanks for the suggestion.


  1. Great work Cheryl but I think the Valentine heart or the Christmas wreath are still my favourites.

  2. Wonderful block to start the month March! Thanks for the quick tutorial on setting the block on point.

  3. Love it


  4. I love that! I had to order my twister ruler after seeing your heart quilt. It's pretty neat!

  5. WOW! You are doing a fantastic job every time you get near a sewing machine :-).
    Thank you so much for sharing your way of making it with us.
    Greeting from Anne-Mette

  6. Wonderful-- Cheryl! Thank you for sharing ideas as to how to create a variety of projects with this nifty ruler. I made the little wall hanging (finished size 11" x 12 1/4")using the small ruler at a retreat I attended this last weekend. Lot's of fun to make and all who was at the retreat is wanting to make one too!

    Carolyn :)

  7. How sweet. I want one...lol Hugs.

  8. Just LOVE this little beauty!
    It turned out wonderful!

  9. Another version of Twister quilt! You've been having so much fun playing with those rulers. I was just thinking to go back to my sewing room to make "something" for our show and tell at the meeting...

  10. Now that is really clever! and fun.

  11. You are SO clever! Just look at the 4 leaf clover! Thanks for taking the time to give us a tutorial

  12. Very creative Cheryl, I love it!!!

  13. This is gorgeous!!!! I love it!!!

  14. I love it! You are very creative.
    I made your heart one and I just love it. Soon to be posted.

  15. What a beautiful block.. so I'm lucky that you posted instructions too! Thanks for that...I'll use it next St Paddys day! :)

  16. oooo, Cheryl, very cool - great job - I MUST get one of those mini twister tools - mine isn't a twister shamrock - mine's applique. not 1/2 as nice as yours.

  17. Love your shamrock...I need to try this one! But first I need the ruler you are all talking about...what have I missed?

  18. Hi Cheryl, this little block is very interesting this week, tonight I will do it.
    Another thing, I really enjoyed your shamrock, it has some meaning and what is the size of the squares,cause I like to have mine ....Bettina

  19. hmmm, thought I left a comment about how much I love this! I do!


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