Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Patriotic Prim

I found a little time to piece the center of 
It's a Grand Old Flag
by Geoff's Mom Pattern Co.
You can find the pattern here.

I plan to do the applique in a combination of wool and cotton.  

We just returned from a refreshing week at Lake Tahoe. I had forgotten how beautiful the area is! The last time I was there was when I was in college.  I was a maid at the Blue View Lodge in King's Beach...oh, the memories!
As you can see, I was not the only one who enjoyed themselves.
Good times!


  1. Oh, Cheryl, I love that quilt.

    Your grandbaby is getting so BIG!

  2. It's A Grand Old Flag is very grand!
    Nothing better than time being spent as a grandma!

  3. The center of your quilt looks terrific! Love the pictures of your beautiful Granddaughter!

  4. Beautiful quilt, Cheryl!!

    Love the pictures of your Granddaughter...delightful memories that are very special :)


  5. What a great pattern to be working on now. And how fun to revisit such a beautiful place. Bet is was an interesting summer job!

  6. To see how your grandchildren grow up, this is happiness! Good luck in creativity and love and caring family!

  7. It looks like a fun time away.

    I saw Geoff's mom booth at market. Love their stuff!!

  8. The star blocks look so festive. I love the idea of doing the border in a combo of wool and cotton. Look forward to seeing it!

  9. A grand old flag is Wonderful ! Just love those flags & birds applique !

    So glad to hear you had fun at Lake Tahoe !

  10. Some wool applique will finish your Grand Old Flag beautifully.
    Your grand daughter is growing beautifully and lucky you sharing so much time with her. They grow up too quickly don't they?

  11. I have seen this pattern and the applique border makes the quilt. Wool a good choice for it as it will look good and take less time than needle turn applique.

  12. oh my~!!~ Izzy is SO very cute~! and she's growing up quick~!

    your center for "It's a Grand Old Flag" looks so well done and i love that border pattern.
    really cute and i'm looking forward to seeing your finished piece. i bet you will have it all stitched up and hanging for the fourth of july this year~!



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