Friday, June 7, 2013

It is Whipped!

Izzy's park quilt.
Inspired by Donna from Quiltmaker's Scrap Squad.
The main block is Cathedral Square,
block 469 from Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks, Vol. 5,
designed by Lee Heinrich.
It has been quilted and washed, and now it has a wonderful, puckered texture to it that makes it soft and cuddly.  Most importantly, it is a finish and I can take it off my WIP list.

Next up for Izzy, an I Spy quilt.  
I have been collecting novelties for years and my daughter has meticulously cut all the hexagons out.  We will work together to piece it this summer.  We have a wonderful backing fabric from Quilting Treasures with the artwork of J. Wecker Frisch that reminds us of the Graeme Base books my daughter adored as a child.  
Our fabrics will be alphabetically arranged and are predominately animals that start with the letters.  N was the biggest hurdle...anyone have a fabric with a Narwhale in it???  LOL...not likely.
One of my favorite fabrics is one with bears quilting!

Two quilts came back from the longarm quilter, so I am busy binding, binding, binding.
I have a question.
My quilty friend told me she uses hand quilting thread to stitch down her bindings.
What do you use?
No one ever told me what to use, and I just assumed I should use the same thread I piece with.  Have I been wrong all these years?  Sure would like your input.

Back to binding.  
At least I have the French Open Tennis tournament to watch while I sew!


  1. I just use the same thread i piece with.

  2. I bind with the same thread I machine piece with.
    never heard any different either!
    love that fabric, my DD loved those books too!

  3. I bind with quilting thread. It seems to be a bit heavier and I feel it will last longer.

  4. I bind with the same thread that I piece with. Your Izzy's Park looks great!

  5. Great finish love your Izzy's park !

    I bind with quilting thread

  6. Adorable quilt, Cheryl.

    I bind with the same weight thread I use for piecing.

  7. I use 50 wt. cotton thread to stitch bindings down.

    I made my youngest grand-daughter an I spy quilt (13 years ago). I did not do hexagons. I cut squares and then tone on tone solids to sew around them sort of log cabin style. It was a busy quilt and no particular theme. I had a Coke bottle fabric as my daughter loves Coke. I had two college football team fabrics that are the ones my daughter and SIL like. Lots of animals. My grand-daughter was just beginning to talk and the quilt helped her learn to identify things and say the words.

  8. I use the same thread I piece for the most part. Sometimes I use the same thread I used on my longarm because some that matches is left on bobbin.

  9. Fabulous finish to Izzy's quilt!
    How fun that you and your daughter will work together on Izzy's Eye Spy quilt - FUN!

    I use good quality cotton thread to stitch my bindings down.

  10. I always use YLI quilting thread to sew down my bindings whether they are small or large quilts (double thread not single thread)!!!!
    Never thought to sew piecing thread, seems too fine even doubled!
    Love the Izzy's Park quilT! I agree once washed and crinkly quilts really are quilts then!!!!!

  11. Your finished quilt is beautiful. So fresh with the white background. Izzy is a lucky girl! I use the same thread I piece with to bind. If my binding is double fold I use a double strand of thread.

  12. Love that little quilt...such nice soft colors with a touch of brightness. Brings back memories to make an I spy fun. I made a hexie one too...about 13 years ago! So,eBay I'd like to make one for each of my girl's children.

  13. An I spy, how fun, haven't done one for ages. Would love to see the bears quilting!
    I use quilting thread when I have a good color on hand, it slides nicely. Otherwise I use the same good cotton thread that I used for piecing... so that would be both!
    Congrats on a finish, interesting pattern. Enjoy the weekend :0)

  14. Izzy's park quilt is so cute... I've never seen that block... I really like it, and the pop of orange in the fabrics! I use the same thread I piece with for the binding, although I might use quilting thread on a large quilt intended for lots of use, as opposed to a wall hanging, or a table topper.

  15. Izzy's park quilt looks great Cheryl and finished at the right time of year.
    I just use the same thread too.

  16. I use whatever thread is handy that matches the binding. I would think hand quilting thread would be too thick... I think you've been doing it just right. :)

  17. I use thread that I've pieced or machine quilted with--sometimes using up the dribs and drabs left on bobbins. I think quilting thread is too heavy and shows too much--but it's all personal preference. I like to practice my invisible applique stitching when I'm sewing down bindings!

  18. Oh--as for animals that start with N, I have some Australian fabric that has a numbat on it! I thought it was an imaginary critter when I first heard the name, but it's real!

  19. Same thread here. Your eye spy quilt is going to be so cute~ couldn't you take a picture of a Narwhale and print it on to a printable fabric square?

  20. congrats on that finish and it turned out great~!
    the eye spy sounds really fun and i love the backing fabric~!!

    when i sew down a binding i usually use the same thread that i piece with. it's been interesting to read what other's do.



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