Sunday, February 2, 2014

Progress on Several Fronts

First three rows of In the Meadow.
I was so pleased with my progress until I noticed I had forgotten the steps on the church in Row 3...argh!! I am contemplating some unsewing, but now that I see it all together...maybe not. I used a 28wt. Aurifil cotton to blanket stitch the barren trees in Row 3.  Much quicker and easier than doing by hand!
Really enjoying A Rainbow Garden by Liberty Homestead. I am even giving the embroidery a go.

I used my Sashiko machine to quilt this UFO from a few years back.  
It is a Carol Hopkins pattern, Grandpap's Cards.
This time I used a low contrast thread.  Cannot wait to see what it looks like after a washing. 
I had a request to show what the back looks like
and here is a close up of the front. 

For those of you who expressed interest,
Kim Diehl's club can be found at the Fat Quarter Shop.  Country Spools is also offering it, but you can pick which quilts you want to make. 

Last year I designed a patriotic quilt that I submitted to several magazines.  I was honored when Fons & Porter showed interest.  I just learned my quilt will be featured in their May/June issue of Love of Quilting. I am grateful to Diane Tomlinson and her staff for selecting my quilt. 

It is the first of the month, so time to make time for work on my blockhead projects. 


  1. Congratulations on your Patriotic quilt being chosen for the May / June Fons & Porter Magazine ! How exciting !!!!!

    Love your quilts ! You have been a very busy girl !

  2. LOVE all of your projects...and the church steps-YOU are the only one who will know...dont' say a word!!
    I would kill for your new sewing machine!! Lucky girl!

  3. In the Meadow looks lovely. And I doubt anyone will notice the lack of steps on the church. Congrats on getting your patriotic quilt included in Love of Quilting

  4. You can just tell everyone the church steps were covered by a gentle, overnight snowfall...

    You have some lovely projects going on, Cheryl.

    Congrats on the future publishing of you patriotic design in LOVE OF QUILTING! How exciting!!!

  5. Congratulations! I will look for your Patriotic design in Love of Quilting. Your current projects are all very nice with great Norma Whaley's designs - "In the Meadow ..." is a favorite. Didn't notice the "missing" steps...looks just fine.

  6. All your projects are lovely and congratulations.

  7. I remember having a problem with the steps for the church and the edge of the snow in that location. I contemplated leaving those steps off but did do them.

  8. Steps, schmeps, with so much lovely detail, who would care? I am especially fond of your fabric choices for the roof and windows of the house.

  9. Wow that is wonderful to have your quilt published.

    Your snowman quilt is beautiful and the steps on the church are not missed. I love everything you are working on. Hugs

  10. Your progress is inspiring! I intend to start in the meadow this year!

  11. Lovely Lovely projects! I would have never known anything was missing on the church unless you mentioned it.
    Congrats on the project for the magazine!!

  12. Wonderful progress and projects! Yes, those steps are covered with snow ;0) Making good use of your new machine. Congrats on your patriotic quilt, it will be fun to see it published. Very nice!!!

  13. Congrats on being in Love of Quilting! Let us know when it comes out. Lovely projects! That backing fabric is cool.

  14. you are the only one that will notice the missing steps. Don't tell anyone. Congrats on the magazine publishing your quilt. That's a huge achievement.

  15. Great progress on all projects. Church steps? Forget about them, looks lovely as is.
    I can see how much you are enjoying A Rainbow Garden, so light and pretty with the offerings of spring.
    Grandpap's Cards is a beauty. I have that brown spot in my stash and bought more when I could.
    Love them all.

  16. great pieces and interesting to be able to see the sashiko machine's stitching. thank you for sharing.

    congrats on the Fons & Porter selection~!!


  17. Wow! I missed your Love of Auilting news! Congratulations!


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