Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A Guided Tour

I am playing a little catch up after being in Napa all weekend. My mom is all moved in to her darling little apartment! So here is a guided tour of recent posts on the AMB blog tour.
New York, by Marsha over at Quilts from My Crayon Box.

North Carolina, by Patty at A Stitch in Time
Patty made a second block and incorporated it into a darling table runner. 

Rhode Island, by Tina over at Seaside Stitches
Tina's blog header is a beautiful hexie quilt.

Vermont, by Marsha, the Quilter in Motion, who literally quilts on the road in her RV.

Check each of them out to learn more about their states and enter the giveaways.  
It is fun to see some of the special products they have found made in their states.
I wonder if Arizona has a unique product made here???
Have to check back in June to find out.

First thing on my list this week is to go get some hugs from my granddaughter and then make a second AZ block.  I was so inspired by Patty's table runner that I have to come up with something too.


  1. Glad to hear you have Mom settled into her new apartment. Napa is so beautiful this time of year . Such creative license plate quilts looking forward to seeing yours

  2. Thanks for sharing the state blocks. Glad things went well in Napa.

  3. I'm enjoying the road trip every morning before going to work... it's been fun to see all the fabric license plates! Such creativity!


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