Thursday, September 4, 2014

Cracking the WIP!

Summer is over and it is time to get back to some sort of discipline when it comes to finishing up my WIPs. 'In the Meadow' is ready to go to the quilter. I just need to get a backing put together. 'Lunch Box Social' is off to the quilter.  I finished my 'Autumn Pinwheels' by Primitive Gatherings and it is on display at TOWQS.

I will also continue to work on my blockhead projects, 'Christmas Magic' and 'Le Jardin.' And I hate to say it, but 'Sunflower Gathering' will become a WIP.  I will make it my goal to make a block a month. Perhaps I will make Wednesdays my WIP day like many other bloggers have.

But, and this will come to no surprise to anyone, I have to have a new project for the month...
Kim Diehl's 'Penny Garland' from her book, Simple Appeal.
I have been using the Soft Fuse Premium I spoke of before and I can report that it works well on wool.  Not perfect, but what fusible is. It is easy to trace the shapes on to, the paper peels off with the greatest of ease, and it is almost imperceptible since it is so lightweight.  It has one downside...the wool shapes do not adhere to the background as nicely as cotton did, but only with lots of handling do they come off.  Therefore, I can only place 6-7 shapes down at once before I have to stitch them on.  Maybe that is not a downside, since I would tend to place all the shapes and then claim I would stitch them down later...yeah, maybe much later.  I like the design portion of the process way more than the work portion. As a result, all those shapes are stitched and I can now proceed to design the outer border of wool shapes. The middle wreath gives it a Christmas feel, but when the multicolored shapes go on, it will be a year round topper for a round table in my home.


  1. I am loving both projects!! AND I have the Kim Diehl book!! Yippee!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Beautiful new project! Fall is a good time for wool work.

  3. Such beautiful projects--both of them make my heart beat faster! : )

  4. Well look at you go ;-)

    Love both of these projects !

    Congrats on getting these WIP completed.
    Feels good doesn't it !

  5. I have the Simple Appeal book and for some reason, this design did not stick in my mind. I am going to check it out because I certainly like what you have in the works.

  6. You have been cracking the WIP! You've been getting a lot done. I love seeing all of the Kim projects you're working on. They remind me how much I like her patterns. The autumn pinwheel is super cute and ready for crisp days ahead.

  7. Love both your projects! Great colours!

  8. Love your projects. I bought the soft fuse but haven't tried it yet, thanks for the tips.

  9. really cute penny project for fall! I haven't used that fuser, thanks for letting us know.

  10. I like your Autumn pinwheels Cheryl, it's one of the nicest pinwheel quilts that I have seen. And always lovely Kim Diehl projects to be found on your blog.

  11. LOVE those Kim Diehl designs - and the colors you've used are delicious!


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