Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Finally, a WIP is done!

And here it version of Pennies from Heaven.
Off to the quilter she goes!
This will be a perfect spring table topper or a permanent display in my green guest room. I will add some beading after it is quilted. Most importantly, it is a flimsy!

I have finished a few other projects for the clubs at TOWQS.
The December Basin Banner.
A big thank you to my go-to-gal for stitching and embroidery, Debbie, 
for all her help with these little guys.

And this one is my favorite!
The December Petite Patchwork quilt from Lori Smith's Quilt Squares #3.
She is in my quilting queue, and will be finished soon.

I am excited to get these projects done because I can hardly wait to start working on a new BOM that will be offered at the shoppe:
We will be starting the BOM in early Feb. 
Woolen applique on homespun backgrounds. 
I want to make that winter red barn today!

Geez, it is mid November already.
I might have to start getting ready for the holidays, which I will host at my home this year. My mother is coming to visit for the holidays, so probably not much sewing will get done once she arrives.  I don't know though...she sleeps in and I am up in the wee hours of the morning!
My favorite time of day.

Are you ready for the holidays?


  1. Loved seeing all of your projects. And no, I am not ready for the holidays.

  2. All of your projects are wonderful!! Cathy and Taylor's Barn quilt is a MUST do in my books!! I just love it...and lucky you get to do it at the Loft!

  3. As always you have some wonderful projects on the go. Not ready in the slightest.

  4. Love all your WIP's, which are now almost done! Yea! No, I'm not ready for the holidays, but I've been working on it.

  5. Pennies From Heaven is delightful!!
    I really like that Lori Smith design, too.
    What a wonderful BOM--love the barns in wool!
    Holidays? Are they coming? Oh, my. : )

  6. Love your finishes! The BOM looks fun, I love house quits and barns are awesome too!

  7. I am 10 blocks in on the Pennies from Heaven quilt and I LOVE how you've finished yours. I gotta tell ya, you've given me an idea!

  8. All of them are lovely, but the Pennies from Heaven is amazing.

  9. A few of those barns could use a quilt on them! Love your Pennies From Heaven layout, very striking. Absolutely gorgeous! Great fabrics and color in your December block, Yea for finishes! Holidays? Started is good

  10. I had to read several posts to catch up on what you have been up too... Congrats on the new grandson. The picture of the two of you says it all!
    Love the October and November mini's... so VERY tempting! Pennies From Heaven is gorgeous!

  11. I would love to hear more about the BOM with barns. They have always been a homing presence foe me.

  12. The Pennies From Heaven quilt is eye-catching. I was putting some quilt books away yesterday and the book the quilt is in was right next to where I slid them in. Reminded me that it was a someday want to do project.
    You have a lot of finished things. The stocking with the candy cane piece is cute and I love the Lori Smith square. Nicely done.

  13. Your Pennies from Heaven is gorgeous !!! Always enjoy seeing what you are working on !

    Yes I am ready for the holidays and it is a great feeling :-D

  14. Such beautiful projects. You sure are getting a lot done! If I was better at applique I would join in on your new BOM project.
    I'm ready for the holidays - ready to spend time with friends and family and eat lots of good food!

  15. Congratulations, Pennies from Heaven is a beautiful finish. Lori Smith doesn't disappoint does she? I can see why it is a favourite. Just gorgeous.

  16. How fun to have such a big project completed!!


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