Sunday, September 6, 2020

Bag Lady

Well, actually a pouch lady.
These little charmers are about 8" x 8" finished.
My first River Rocks Pouch,
designed by Ariane Zurcher,
It stores all the special tools I use for these embellishing stitches.

My daughters pouch.
She wanted an octopus and a jellyfish on hers.

Rock Garden by Ariane Zurcher, 
modified into a pouch for my sister.
I am currently stitching 4 panels of rock garden scenes
 that will eventually be assembled into a Japanese Rice Sack,
the original pattern designed by Ariane.
I have been obsessed with these projects!
Not much else to do now that we are stuck indoors in AZ.

During our last few days at the cabin, my son and his children came to visit.
The cousins loved being together!
Just to have other children to play with was such a simple joy.
And who can resist a puppy in a flower bed!
Aspen is an Australian Labradoodle, which translates into designer mutt.
They have 6 different breeds in them, including Cocker Spaniel, 
which makes them calmer.
Sweetest, softest little creatures!!

Guess what I am getting?
A longarm quilting machine.
No job anymore at the quilt shop and I cannot stitch 24/7,
so I am going to try something new.

Oh, and a new grandchild! 
Our grandson will make his appearance the first weeks of October.


  1. Congratulations on the new grand child. Ooh a long arm, you will love it. What kind are you getting?

  2. Oh, Congratulations on a new grand baby and, of course, a long arm quilting machine!! Your bags are incredible. Each one of those circles is a work of art. Beautiful!

  3. Being a pouch lady of those pouches is a badge of honor. They are incredible!!
    An awfully cute little pooch in the flowers. :)
    A longarm--how exciting!!


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