Monday, November 2, 2020

The Circle of Life

 My longarm machine is in its new home. 
I named her Wanda Joy, after my mother.
This used to be her bedroom when she would come to visit.
My next goal is put a few pictures I inherited from her on the walls.
She loved modern art and had the most eclectic collection.

Right now, I am just learning how to load the machine and do edge to edge quilting.
I pieced some simple quilt tops and will donate them to LINUS...a good way to use up stash.

I plan to take some classes soon on free motion quilting and ruler work.
This edge to edge stuff is very useful,
but I feel more like a computer operator than a quilter.

Still embroidering...
6 of 9 Squash Squad blocks.
I am so thankful for projects like these on social media.
Without them, I think the anxiety and isolation would overwhelm me.

I said goodbye to my mother this year and 
welcomed another grandchild.
The circle of life.


  1. I love how you are keeping your mother in your quilting. What a beautiful picture of the grandkids. Hugs

  2. Sorry to hear about your Mother. I have been thinking about a long arm myself. Love your LINUS quilts.

  3. It will be fun to follow your long arm quilting journey. Practicing is what it's all about, although I don't speak from LAQ myself😊

  4. Oh, that looks like a great home for your longarm. I think you will enjoy free motion when you get comfortable with it, but edge-to-edge definitely comes in handy.
    The Squash Squad blocks are really fun.
    Bittersweet to lose a loved one and gain one to love in the same year.


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