Saturday, August 28, 2021

Wanda Joy has been on fire!

 Since our return to the valley of the sun,
my longarm has been on fire!
It has been too hot to go outside,
so I practice my FMQ.
First up was my Rock the Block 
by Sew Kind of Wonderful.
Here are some details:
I really got confident with feathers! 

Next up was my Let's Stitch a Figurative Quilt 
from a Natalia Bonner class I did online.

I must say this one is quilted to death,
but it was a learning quilt.
My favorite block.
And I love that middle border design.
I wish the quilt had had a border instead of the endless neutral fabric.
That rainbow filler got to be so tedious to quilt over and over,
but practice did improve the look of them. 
Pebbles is what I mastered with this one. 

You may think I have lost my mind;
but with all the craziness in the world,
we leave for Africa in less than a week.
Trying my hardest not to panic!

In the meantime,
I will try to stay calm by making more units for my 
Sunrise Scraps quilt.
My sewing circle of friends donated a lovely group of pinks and purples 
along with some great old cheddars from Jo Morton.

Stay safe and hug your loved ones!



  1. Wow! Your quilting definitely does Rock the Block and the
    Figurative background. I hope enjoy your trip. It will be a fabulous experience.

  2. You have done some amazing quilting. Great way to sharpen your skills while avoiding the heat.
    Wow--Africa will be quite an adventure!


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