Thursday, March 3, 2022

Let it Be!

Funny how a blog post keeps me focused on my goals.
There are no finishes,
but there is certainly progress.
Posh Penelope is pieced!

I loved piecing the individual blocks;
but boy, oh, boy,
putting the blocks together was a challenge!
I like to think of myself as a precision piecer.
Well, that just did not happen with this project.
Not a one of those points on the flower petals lines up and most are chopped off.
I don't know if letting go makes me happy or disappointed in myself.
I decided to just let it be!
Hoping a good quilting job will disguise the imperfections.

I finished two more blocks of If the Hat Fits.

Thoroughly enjoyed my Sue Spargo retreat in Tucson.
I had SO much fun, that I signed up to take the same class again
at Madeline Island at the end of July.
The plan is to finish what I started.
Three meals a day, no responsibilities and stitching with like-minded friends...
what could be more enjoyable.

I also helped my granddaughter make a quilt for her teacher who is expecting her first child.
What a joy it was to share my passion with her.

At Home in the Woods is on my frame.
This will take awhile as I am stitching over every edge of the appliqued shapes.
I am using a microquilter thread that disappears nicely.

I have managed to keep current with my Trade Winds BOM, 
but will be unable to show my progress due to Sue's rules.
All I can share is that is stinking cute!

We are headed to Colorado for a week in March 
and then I will join my sister in Santa Fe to take an urban sketching class...something new for me. 
Sis is already a wonderful watercolorist.
We will see if I can catch on to it.

 I am so happy I have my stitching in this sad and unpredictable world.
It calms my anxious mind!
Getting outside and hiking helps too.


  1. Your post was filled with do many wonderful things despite the troublesome points. What a awesome experience to take Sue S. Class and then to take it again. The best is passing on your stitching joy and passion.

  2. Posh Penelope is beautiful! How frustrating to have been careful and then have things not work out precisely. But most people won't even notice. I can't see issues from the photo. I just see the glow of those lovely fabrics, and the pretty design.
    The hat blocks are really fun, and the flowers in the vase is a gorgeous piece.
    That is fun that your granddaughter wanted to make a quilt for her teacher's baby!
    Good for you trying something new with the watercolor class. I hope you will share what you paint.
    Stitching and nature are two good ways to focus on positive things, rather than getting consumed with the news!

  3. You quilt looks great and once you step back from it you will think it's great too.


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