Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Rant

My SSQSG has decided to donate some miniature quilt art to the Alzheimers Quilt Initiative. We found a darling log cabin pattern from Mountain Patchwork. Believe it or not, we need to get written permission to donate the quilts even though we purchased the patterns. Let me be clear. It is the organization that requires the written permission. They must have had trouble in the past.

I think this whole copyright business in quilting has gone a little bonkers. There are just only so many quilt blocks out there and many of us draw our inspiration from other quilts. I read an article in a magazine by an attorney who spelled out the rules. According to her, I cannot post a picture on my blog without the written permission of the pattern designer. So much for the fun of show and tell.

Personally, I will continue to post my pictures, always giving credit where credit is due. I have written QNM hoping to get permission to share my rendition of Autumn's Bounty with friends and perhaps show it at our state quilt show. I admire designers like Kaaren, who shares patterns and publishes tutorials on her blog. I have removed the 'copyright' verbage from my blog. I understand the need, but wish there weren't so many hoops to jump through, even to donate a quilt to raise funds for charity!
Sorry for the rant, but I had to get this off of my chest.


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  2. Well, that little quilt looks just like one that Jo Morton and many, many other designers have made. Where do these stuck up designers get off telling you you need permission to DONATE a quilt you made using their patterns. Didnt they get paid for their work? Now you have done the hard work and want to give it away!! Good on you.

  3. I think this has really crossed the line of just being silly. Log Cabin is a pattern from our quilting past and it is public domain. I would challenge this nonsense in a minute!



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