Monday, January 3, 2011

1st new project of 2011

Phew! I succeeded in repacking all the Christmas decorations this weekend and cleaning up all the remnants of the holidays, including the dust! However, it left my home looking drab and dreary!
One of the things I miss most is the little quilt I made using Kathie's recipe, so I decided to make a replacement that I can leave out year round!
I had previously made two quilts using this border fabric from Jo Morton and had just the right amount leftover to whip up this little mat. 
This is the coordinating table topper that rests on top of my dining table year round.  The little mat will be on my antique sideboard.
Then there is this Kathleen Tracy designed quilt from Remembering Adelia that will hang on the wall when I retrieve it from display at TOWQS.
It is challenging to incorporate my quilts in my southwest, territorial home!
I don't particularly like southwest fabrics nor quilt designs, but love to display quilts.
However, my home is so eclectic! I have a mix of French and American oak antiques mixed in with carved Spanish Colonial pieces and wrought iron. 
After all it is a home, not a decorator's showcase.
Today, my challenge, after I have the dreaded mammogram, is to find a threesome to create a nice vignette on top of the new addition.  I am thinking wrought iron candlesticks or the like.

Joined a doll quilt exchange over at Christine's blog.
I just love to visit her just to see the quilts in her header photo!

Found someone who adores doll quilts and makes them faster than I do!
Visit Monique over at Only Doll Quilts.
She is planning to make her own version of the 'Welcome Wagon' small quilt.

My goal for this week is to finish my Kim Diehl applique quilt!
Then you will not have to hear about it anymore!


  1. The fabric you used for the border is gorgeous! It showcases it beautifully!!

  2. Your little quilt is beautiful!! Your use of the border print is perfect.

  3. OMG - your first 2011 finish is stunning! I love the border and the colors overall! Well done! The table topper and the quilt are gorgeous as well!

  4. The border fabrics is fantastic. But also all 3 quilts - small as well as tabletopper - look great. As always you have the perfectb eye for picking out fabrics.
    Hope the mammogram was ok.

  5. Oh CHryl I just love your quilts ! The fabric borders on these is absolutely GORGEOUS !

  6. Beautiful finish! That gorgeous border fabric is just perfect for each one of the quilt you made. They all look farbulous!! Can't wait to see in person.

  7. Your latest little quilt is just gorgeous and the border fabric frames it beautifully - a perfect match. Isn't the new year wonderful, we are all so full of energy and enthusiasm.
    Good luck with the mammogram, we don't like doing these things but they are very important. Your post might remind others to make appointments for theirs if they have lapsed.

  8. First finish for 2011 is beautiful.

  9. oh my gosh love your little quilts
    wow am I impressed, beautiful.
    great fabric choices.
    Happy new Year!

  10. I love those little quilts, they are so beautiful. The colours are smashing!! I wish you may creative ideas for 2011 Carine-Bruges Belguim

  11. Love your little quilt, what fabric did you use for the border, I love it.


  12. You have made good use of that border fabric. It is wonderful, and your quilts are too!


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