Thursday, April 7, 2011

Making Progress

I spent the last two days challenging myself and striking another project off my UFO/WIP list!!
I machine quilted this top for a friend to help raise funds for breast cancer research.
The challenge was to replicate the quilting that had already been done.
The pre-existing quilting was little ribbons with roses in the middle of them. 
I used freezer paper to draw a replica, made several copies and then ironed them randomly over the quilt top.  I then free motioned around the shapes, connecting them with a little flourish. This is a technique I have adapted from Mary Mashuta.  She uses freezer paper templates and a walking foot, but why not use the templates to make my free motion shapes more consistent.  This isn't the first time I have used this technique and it will not be the last.
I made one more CW block, but I am still behind!  My friend, Doreen, from Aunt Reen's Place, placed my past blocks in a quilt block grid for me.  I'll have to get it posted to my sidebar.
Next up is to set all the blocks for my album quilt.  
I'm making progress...and the list is getting smaller.  


  1. Your breast cancer awareness quilt is gorgeous! I love that quilting idea. I've never heard of it before. So you are quilting right on top of the freezer paper? That stuff works for so many things. I learn something new every day.

    Love this CW block!!

  2. That's a great idea to use a freezer paper template for quilting. Its a terrific quilt and there is no doubt what the cause is.

  3. Your Breast Cancer quilt is such a good one. Good colors and design. And all for a very good cause.

  4. just beautiful, I hope the quilt raises lots of money.
    isn't freezer paper just the best?
    I use it for a lot of things inmy sewing room NEVER In the kitchen!

  5. Your Cancer Awareness quilt is gorgeous!
    I love your freezer paper tip for machine quilting - will definately try that one!

    Your Lousiana block is VERY pretty!

  6. That breast cancer quilt is by far best I'd ever seen!

  7. What a wonderful quilt! I will have to give that quilting technique a try.

  8. What a beautiful quilt! It will raise lots of $$ I am sure. I will have to try the freezer paper idea.

  9. Thanks for the tip. Beautiful quilt for a really good cause!

  10. Congrats on a beautiful finish! What a great idea for the quilting :-) thanks for sharing it! As usual, lovely block :-)

  11. What a beautiful quilt for such a great cause ! Just gorgeous !
    I really like your Louisiana block !

  12. Cheryl I think your Cancer Awareness quilt is a lovely tribute, you did a great job! Your BOW is just lovely too!! You're not that far behind!

  13. Your quilt (Cancer Awareness) is beautiful and a special tribute to this cause.

    Thanks for the FP tip!

    :) Carolyn

  14. I never thought of using the freezer paper for the machine quilting. I have the perfect project to experiment on. Thanks Cheryl

  15. Nice job on the quilting. I like the design of the quilt, too. Pink is one of my favorite colors.


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