Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Progress on Two Fronts

Our attempt to hike at the Continental Divide was a total wash...literally!
There is still 1-2 feet of snow on the ground at 11,000 feet. 
Instead, we stopped at Treasure Falls.
Memorial Day ushered in a cold front and howling winds that dropped the temperatures in Pagosa Springs down to 29 degrees.  This is the effect it had on the surrounds of the lookout area of the falls.
Stunningly beautiful icicles everywhere!
We will just have to hike at lower elevations for awhile.

Autumn Houses is progressing nicely.  Hope I can keep up my present enthusiam for this project. I've said it before...I love fall colors and pumpkins and quilts with houses in them.

Also managed to get a handle on the weeds in my perrenial garden, plus add a few more plants and subdivide others.  Since our growing season is so short, my garden will not be in its full glory until later this summer or early fall.  Today's goal is to get the vegetable garden planted and my tomato plant installed in the greenhouse.  Maybe I'll put in some bell peppers to keep it company.  DH wanted strawberries, so he has built a screened cage to protect them from the birds.  Hope it works!  Carrots, green beans, zucchini and pumpkins will join them.  We are keeping the garden small this year.

My goal today is to finish one more 1880 block and then sew together the next row.  It will be just over half done then! I am anxious to get to the black and pink border!

If I get that done, then I give myself permission to piece a quick small quilt.  Got the pattern for Grandpap's Cards by Carol Hopkins Designs in the mail yesterday.  I had seen the quilt in Temecula and managed to find the perfect taupe fabric, so stay tuned.


  1. Anxious to see the 1880's quilt, will you show us when you get the next row on? Like the quilt on the rail, have never used taupe but like it better than the grey. Have to give it a try. Keep us posted.

  2. Anxious to see the 1880's quilt, will you show us when you get the next row on? Like the quilt on the rail, have never used taupe but like it better than the grey. Have to give it a try. Keep us posted.

  3. Love how autumn houses is progressing!
    Sounds like an ambitious garden to me. Hope your harvest is bountiful.
    Taupe is a favorite of mine. Last year I finished my only yardage of taupe and need to look for a replacement. Look forward to seeing yours.

  4. Bummer about the hiking. The higher elevations around us are still having snow!

    I love your quilting projects- its always fun to start a new one too!

  5. I really like the autumn houses you are working on . I love anything fall. Your vegetable garden sounds wonderful. Gorgeous pictures from your hike thanks for sharing

  6. I can see snow on the mountains off in the distance out our bathroom window... It can stay there! We've had the snow for long enough this year! Happy quilting and stay warm!

  7. Brrrr! The weather this year is so weird. I'm sitting here in a zipped up hoodie when it should be shorts and flip flop season. The ice formations are beautiful. Love your autumn houses!!

  8. like tiny little ice hairs~! they are pretty but i know the frustrations of that short growing season. today i noticed a fern just getting up out of the ground . . . seems strange to see so many gardens on flickr quite a lot further along.

    LOVE that Grandpa's Cards quilt~!!~


  9. Oh boy! that does look cold!!!!!
    I like your Autumn Houses project too!!! Looking forward to seeing how the 1880's quilt is coming together, the blocks are wonderful, so this should be quite spectacular!!!

  10. Your autumn quilt is beautiful! You have lots on the go- good luck with your garden.

  11. Sounds like you are making great progress on multiple fronts. The Autumn Houses project looks charming and I look forward to watching it take shape. The Grandpap's Cards also looks like fun!

  12. I'm glad you're enjoying your time!

  13. sorry about the hiking...oh I love that little quilt, what taupe did you find that would work for that pattern
    now I am inspired too!!!!

  14. Brrrr....that looks so cold, we've had the coldest spring ever! Love the fall houses and pumpkins, my favourite time of year. I've planted my strawberries, I hope they are plentiful. You are lucky to find the taupe fabric, it's hard to come by.

  15. Your pictures are lovely.....even the cold ones. Too bad that put a damper on your hiking. That small quilt looks amazing. I can't wait to see yours! Gardening can be challenging, can't it? Here it has been so hot and dry!

  16. I love your autumn quilt! I am also looking forward to your 1880's quilt and what patterns you will have on it.


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