Sunday, September 4, 2011

Countdown to Christmas

by Sweetwater for Moda.
Holiday Happenings,
 designed by Monique Dillard, published in the BHG publication,
'Quilts and More.'
This is my Labor Day weekend project.
I plan to teach it as an introduction to quilt piecing class this fall. My schedule will not permit a full beginning class until 2012.  I have opted to make it a square instead of the long runner seen in the photo.
Advent calendars were always one of my kids' favorites.

It felt good on Friday to hit the trails again.  Only 31 days until we leave for the 13,000 ft mountains of Peru.  I was surprised how winded I got after being away for less than 2 weeks.  We will head to Ouray this next week to get even higher in hopes of building up some excess red blood cells.  I'll need all I can get!

While hiking, I found yet another member of the Gentian family that I will add to my Wildflower page.  I captured a picture of the Fringed Gentian in full bloom.
It is now my second favorite wildflower after the Fairy Slipper Orchid!

The texture of this little mushroom enticed me to play with my macro lens.
And some early fall color...
I am using the new blogger interface.  Uploading photos seems to take forever, but the rest of it is user friendly and a lot cleaner looking from a graphic design standpoint.  Haven't figured out how to access my pages though...may have to switch back in order to add to my wildflower pages.
Hope everyone is having a safe and enjoyable Labor Day weekend!


  1. That's an attractive project to teach students.
    Sounds like you are going to have a wonderful holiday.

  2. Good choice for beginners, not so overwhelming. Can you believe we are saying "not enough time before the holidays?" Time flies.

  3. I do believe that is a spot on perfect beginners project and something manageable enough to have completed quickly if they desire.
    Best of luck on your hike...dare not tell hubby you are heading to Peru. He loves hiking and travel...he'd have me out there building up my own stamina!

  4. Good Sunday Morning, Cheryl! Just started the coffee, came in here to check what's going on and saw your pic! You beat me to that project!!! I love it!... AND your idea to make it a a square! Looks great!

    And your flora/fauna pics are marvelous!

    Have a Blessed Day... Karen

  5. So much fun to have a Christmas project for Labor Day weekend.

  6. Looks like a wonderful project for a beginner. I haven't picked up that magazine yet.

    Mother Nature does present us with some true beauties!

  7. What a sweet and fun christmas quilt . Your class is going to enjoy making this one. Just love your nature pictures you post .

  8. Thanks for your experience with the new Blogger interface. I'm a little afraid to try it, so your information was helpful. I can't wait to hear about Peru! How exciting......please take lots of pictures to share :-) Your Countdown to Christmas projects looks great!

  9. I loved that project in the magazine too! Yours looks great! Love the flowers and butterflies too. Have a happy day!

  10. Love your table square. It will be a nice holiday touch. Your photos are fantastic. I love the mushroom. Hugs

  11. The table square will be perfect for Christmas. Can't believe it really isn't that far away.
    Your photos are gorgeous!! Thanks so much for sharing.
    Also, thanks, for the review of the new blogger interface. I have yet to give it a try.

  12. Oh no! Cheryl, did you mention the 'C' word?, Christmas LOL!!!!! is it really that close, I guess it really is, arghhhhh!!!!
    Love your table project, very nice, I will have to start delving into my Chrissy stash soon too!! Again, such beautiful photos, and your Peru trip sounds fantastic!!!!

  13. I like your Christmas project Cheryl! Of course I LOVE your nature pictures too!

  14. You're going away again! How do you get so much stitching done when you are always off somewhere? lol
    That looks like a fun project for all levels. A good choice - looks more complicated than it is.
    Fabulous photographs! Happy Trails!

  15. an interesting mushroom; looks like a sea urchin or a pincushion~!



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