Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Goals Accomplished...

Well, almost!

For those with great eyes, you can see that the birds at the top still need to be sewn down.
I love this quilt, but I am so ready for it to be done!
Do you ever feel that way about a project?

Also finished piecing the center of Pinwheels for Caroline, so my next goal is to finish the ocean waves blocks for the border.

This weekend was the balloon fest here in Pagosa Springs.  I was a tad tardy getting myself there on Saturday, but managed a few pics on Sunday.
Notice the carved statue below the balloon.
There are several of these around town.

We are headed to Ouray and Telluride this am for some higher altitude hiking and then back to Arizona at the end of the week. It is freezing here this morning (my house was 58 degrees when I climbed out of bed...good quilt snuggling weather!)  I am sure I will miss it once I return to the heat of the desert. 
See you all in a week.


  1. That is my old stomping grounds! I was born very near Ouray...have fun!

  2. Your quilt is wonderful! I like the squirrel and pumpkin block best, I think. And I do feel the same as you about finishing a bigger project. I sometimes go on a marathon stitching time trying to get those last parts done.

  3. Your appliqué is gorgeous. Congrats on making some headway and yes that feeling is all too familiar. lol

    Have a great time hiking. Looking forward to your pics when you return. Safe travels. Love the bear carvings in the pic with the hot air balloon. Jo

  4. The quilt is wonderful, i'm happy for your goal!

  5. Your quilt top is so pretty! But I know what you mean about finally being finished.
    So glad that the weather held for the balloon festival.
    Enjoy your hiking. 58 degrees sounds devine about now.

  6. Your Autumn applique' quilt top turned out gorgeous! Congratulations on completing it!

  7. Your applique quilt is looking quite wonderful! I know what you mean about a project that goes on infinitely LOL! Not long to go now......

  8. You have done a fabulous job with your Autumn Houses Cheryl. Enjoy your hike.

  9. Autumn Houses is wonderful, Cheryl. I've enjoyed your journey.

    Enjoy the final days in the cooler temps.

  10. How nice to have some cool weather!! Send some my way please :-) I know what you mean about liking a quilt, but being ready to move on. It's always fun to start a new pattern! Your Autumn Houses look great.....just in time too :-)

  11. Hi, Cheryl. Just came over from Michele's blog to enjoy yours. Being an appliqué fan, I really like the quilt you are finishing--it's adorable. Your photography is also very beautiful.
    best from Tunisia,

  12. Pat youself on the back! Your quilt is lovely....:)

    We are experiencing delightful weather here too and I am loving it!

    I am sure you are having a great outing and look forward to your pictures when you return home.


  13. I understand how you feel about your project. That happens to me, too.
    Those balloons are just amazing. I've only seen photos - would love to see the real thing some day.

  14. I know exactly what you mean. just completed Autumn House myself. It is a gorgeous pattern and yours looks fab!

  15. Cheryl I LOVE the fabrics you used in HWhiskars!! just love it.


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