Thursday, May 10, 2012

15 Minutes a Day

Desperately searching for my quilting mojo,
I decided to try the 15 minute a day challenge I had read about over at Paper Napkin Poetry.
Inspired by Kate at Life in Pieces,
Libby was making progress, so would it work for me.
Soon, I found 15 minutes became 30 minutes and then sometimes, an hour.
The result...

Pinwheels for Caroline.

Maybe if I get some of these WIPs and UFOs done, I can move on to something new.
Recently visited Missie over at Hallbrook designs and she is working on a wonderful wool and cotton quilt  called In The Orange Grove.
She is new to blogging and designs traditional quilts and punchneedle with a touch of primitive.
Go here to take a look.
I adore her window treatments and the new finish she put on an old oak table...
very clever!

Right now, I need a new, fast project .
I think this will be it.
This is a pattern designed by Rita Briner and found on the last page of the Fall Winter 2011 Quilt Sampler magazine.
I know I have all I need in my stash. 
 Maybe one of Lisa Bongean's Seasonal Gatherings for the black border!

Then I will start on this freebie using my Kate Spain Good Fortune fabrics.
I will not piece a four patch in the center though.  Just let the center show off the fabrics.
Many have asked for pattern link.
Here it is:

Back to the sewing machine.
I need to put in my 15 minutes today.
Who knows...
it might become an hour and I will have Pinwheels for Caroline done in no time!


  1. Good luck with your plans. ANY time spent sewing is a good time! :)

  2. Wow, what a beautiful quilt. I love the pumpkin one from the Quilt Sampler. That's also in my pile to start soon. Can you tell me the name of that last quilt? What a great way to showcase a beautiful print.

  3. well here i was thinking that YOU inspired ME~!!~
    thank you for sharing the link to my blog and i'm thrilled to see this is working for you~!!!!~
    what a beautiful quilt top you've made~!

    that rita briner quilt is totaly wonderful. maybe someday i'll be "dug out" from under my wip's enough to try that one too.


  4. You'd be surprised how much you can accomplish in 15 min a day. I do that alot.

  5. The 1880s sampler quilt border is stunning and the entire quilt quite a masterpiece. Beautiful job! Looks like you have no shortage of ideas for future projects!

  6. God luck ith your quilting :-). Pinwheels for Caroline is such a beautiful top, Cheryl and I am sure, you will have it finished soon.
    Great new projects, which I am looking forward to follow.
    Hav a nice and relaxing weekend :-)

  7. Pinwheels for Caroline is such a wonderful quilt...I have a couple blocks made, several cut...need to get stitching on those. I love the last quilt...Love it...where oh where can I find that pattern...Please

  8. You've got some really wonderful quilts planned out! I like your 15 minute stratedgy - wishing you great success with it!
    Congrats again on such a beautiful finish to your 1880's sampler!

  9. Thanks for such an encouraging post. 15 mins doesn't sound like much but sometimes it is quite hard to find. I must say that you inspired me to do 15 mins tonight.
    Your sampler looks wonderful - love the border treatment.

  10. You have made some good progress. Keep up the good work. I would love to know the name of the last quilt in your post and where to get the pattern.

  11. I'm going to try 15 minutes a day. What a great idea! Sometimes I just have a hard time getting started. Maybe this will help. Your quilt is wonderful....15 minutes a day worked well for you!

  12. What a absolutely beautiful quilt !! I love it !!

    That pattern designed by Rita Briner is also on my to do list> Just fell in love with that quilt when I saw it !

  13. Love the 15 minutes a day idea! I so need to make a point to get into my sewing room 15 minutes a day! I always have a project next to my chair for daily handwork, but your idea will get me to the sewing room. Thanks for the shout out for my blog! You're a sweetie! Happy Mothers day to you..

  14. Your 1800's quilt is a treasure! Your projects are always so inspirational.

    Happy Mother's Day!

    :) Carolyn

  15. Trying to catch up with what everyone is up to - you have accomplished some very wonderful things with your 15 minute strategy. Love how all the blocks came together and such an eye catching setting. I am so far behind on my little 3" scrappy houses - will try the 15 minutes approach on that!

  16. The 1880's Sampler turned out wonderfully, love the border too, such a great finish! I've been finding it hard lately to even find 15mins/day - so much going on at the moment - it is a good strategy though and amazing how much those short stints at the sewing machine add up over time!!!

  17. Wow! Love the sampler top! Great border!
    Yes, libby sure does get a lot done.
    Your new projects are pretty. I look forward to your versions.

  18. Well, the 15 minute a day challenge sounds like a plan.

    Your sampler is just gorgeous! I love it!

    The Quilt Sampler project does go fast, per a friend who made it. She used the wool for applique as well. It was beautiful. You know... I have had that one bookmarked! AND Cheddar and Poison put aside. ;-)

    Thanks for the link to Missie's site... followed her, too. That oak table IS fantastic.

    Happy Monday...

  19. Hi, Cheryl. I agree with all of the above. The pink quilt with the interesting border is quite distinctive. Of course the 15 min. a day method is effective--you are proof! Also liked your beautiful wool quilt.
    best, nadia

  20. Hi, Cheryl. I agree with all of the above. The pink quilt with the interesting border is quite distinctive. Of course the 15 min. a day method is effective--you are proof! Also liked your beautiful wool quilt.
    best, nadia


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