Thursday, May 24, 2012

It must be working!

My 15 minute challenge, that is!
Pinwheels for Caroline, by Lori Smith, is coming along nicely.
I am intrigued by the ocean waves blocks in the second border.
I need to add the last dark border and then another UFO can be deleted from my list. 

 I did succumb to temptation though.
Primitive Pumpkins is on my design wall.  

It is a good thing my mojo returned!
The girls at TOWQS are back from market and will have lots of new temptation waiting the next time I visit.  One of them is this new pattern from Primitive Gatherings.
They are saving a kit for me.
It might take priority over my fall quilt since 4th of July is just around the corner.  
Looks like it will be fast and easy to do.

My goal is to finish my Pinwheel quilt by the end of the month 
and then move on to finishing my Xmas BOM during June. 


  1. Fast and easy for you maybe! ; c ) Those geraniums look difficult to me.
    Love the movement and fabrics you used for Pinwheels for Caroline. Primitive Pumpkins looks intriguing.
    Glad you have your quilting mojo back!

  2. Your Pinwheeles for Caroline is fabulous! Also, your other projects in the works :)


  3. I love, love the pinwheel quilt. The colors grab me. The border design unique.

  4. Those pinwheels sure sparkle on your quilt! I do love the Ocean Waves border, too. Beautiful job!

  5. Pinwheels for Caroline is beautiful, Cheryl.

    The geraniums pattern is wonderful.

    I'm glad you found your Mojo, too.

  6. I just love the 4th of July quilt with the geraniums and flag !!! I also want to make the fall quilt you started it is on my to do list ! Your pinwheels quilt is amazing. WOW ! You have alot of exciting projects !

  7. What a gorgeous pinwheel quilt! I LOVE your colors for this one! Your Primitive Pumpkins is looking great too.

  8. Oh gosh I love your pinwheels quilt - I love the border!! And the fabrics. I think I need to make one! Isn't that how we end up with all our UFOs?)

  9. I'm in love with your pinwheels top!!!!

  10. The geranium pattern looks delightful but I could not find it on their site

  11. -the pinweel quilt ist so beautiful, ich love scrappy quilts. The oceanweave border ist so great because you have add it into the black border too.

  12. Loving the LS pinwheel quilt!!!!! So scrappy. Love it!!! I'm on board with PG geranium pattern. The crock is so darling in it. Can't wait to see how your version looks!!!

  13. Yes, your mojo is back...pinwheel quilt is amazing! Love the border! I'm glad to see that I am not the only one that jumps around on projects...:)

  14. Love you Pinwheels for Caroline. Your signature black works so well in there.
    Lost a few "15 minuteses" this week but hopefully back on track. Seems to be working very well for you.

  15. so happy to see that your mojo is back and that the 15 minute challenge is working for you~!!!~

    love the pinwheel quilt and that ocean waves border looks pretty cool.



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