Monday, June 18, 2012

2 Gallon Crock

Finished my version of Lisa Bongean's 2 Gallon Crock.
Do you ever make fabric choices, complete the project, and then regret your choices?
It is hard to tell in the picture, but the sashing and the binding are two different blues from my stash.
After I finished the quilting, I realized I did not have enough of the blue sashing fabric to make my binding.  I used a nice stripe, but it looks odd on the bottom edge.
No going back.

I was, however, tickled pink to use a piece of fabric for the backing that I have had in my stash for a good 10 years.  
It is a Marcus fabric and has the lyrics for the Star Spangled Banner printed on it.
Just feels good to have an actual finish and in time for the 4th.
Now back to my Primitive Pumpkins.


  1. I think your 'crock' looks just fine! Imagine what will be said years from now - oh the speculation! :-)

    I remember that Marcus Bros fabric.

    Enjoy your week!

  2. Your 2 Gallon Crock came out GORGEOUS and that backing fabric is just perfect ! Just think it is 1 of a kind ;-)

  3. I like the backing fabric. It is one I don't remember ever seeing.
    I can't tell anything odd about the binding or sashing fabrics next any part of your quilt. Maybe seeing it in person makes a difference but certainly not in the picture.

  4. Unfortunately, I usually have a regret when I finish a quilt. I don't look back, too! I just say "it is what it is".
    Your binding looks good to me and what a fun backing fabric. Nice finish!

  5. I think your applique piece looks just fine, we are always our own worst critic! As time goes by this piece will endear itself to you more! The backing fabric is just so perfect for this, how good must that have felt to have actually used some it this after all these years LOL!!!!!

  6. Love this piece....I looked to buy this kit, but it must be sold out and I love, love, love....did I say love your backing. I don't remember seeing that piece....otherwise it would be in my stash!!!!

  7. Cheryl, I think that you have done a wonderful job and you are too hard on yourself. Step away and have a look and pat yourself on the back.
    I have the sashing blue on my design wall at the moment.

  8. I think your crock quilt looks charming with the different blues in the sashing and binding. Sometimes what we think of as mistakes can make a project even better. Maybe you don't feel that way about this project but it really did turn out great. I love your Star Spangled Banner fabric and am glad you found a project for it!

  9. Your Crock Quilt turned out STUNNING! What an awesome fabric for the back of it - just perfect!

  10. Hi Cheryl,

    I love how your crock quilt turned out ...what fun backing fabric!!!

    Thanks as always sharing your lovely projects...!!!

    :) Carolyn

  11. Hi, Cheryl. What a lovely panel and so patriotic. One should always play with bindings anyway! That's a really interesting backing fabric, too.
    best, nadia

  12. I think it looks fabulous, and how great you got it done just in time. I just started Lisa's BOW for this summer. I love her designs.

  13. i agree, this is a wonderful little quilt and the quirks in older pieces are always what make me look twice and appreciate them even more. so who says this doesn't apply to newer pieces as well . . .
    for example, did you notice that some of the appliqued handles on my basket blocks (newest post) were pieced?
    love them~! and i love that you used what you had for your piece too,including that backing~!


  14. I for one just love it! And the backing is so nice. Cool to use something that you've had for years too.


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