Sunday, November 3, 2013

A Few Finishes and I am a Blockhead!

It's A Grand Old Flag is an official finish.
As I was putting on the binding, I noticed the machine quilter had missed one of the leaves.  Then I noticed she was not the only one...
I had not blanket stitched around 4 of the red stars!
I had a good laugh and will try to correct my error...some day.

Anna, over at The Woolie Mammoth, came up with a great motivational idea...Blockheads.
I don't know all the details, but I decided to use her idea to help me finish up some WIPs. 
If I understand the approach correctly, once a month I will work on just one block each from the projects I want to complete. So my projects are Le Jardin, my red and white quilt and the hexie quilt.
Here is my progress.
Block #7
I am doing them in a strange order, AND I made a mistake on this one too.  After I had the house appliqued down, I figured out I had cut the background the wrong size.  No way was I going to start over, so I cut the side strip a little wider.  Hopefully, I will not notice it too much.
Wish I had drafted this one as a full size quilt.  I will finish it off with a wide solid border of either the red or the white and applique some birds and berries on it.  Like Le Jardin, it is definitely a long term project.  Working in just two colors and repeating the same block over and over again is not my favorite type of piecing!

Unfortunately, I did not get a hexie block made today.  Ah, but the month is young!


  1. I love Grand Old Flag! Hope to make my own one of these days. I like the Blockhead idea, it's very similar to the goal I set for myself and haven't succeeded at yet...but there's still hope!

  2. The last quilt, two colors only is a good project to work on when you are with friends. Ask me how I know?! It's a really great quilt.
    Phooey on missing the leaves. How we can be so careful and it happens anyway? lol
    The house looks great with the added strip, just like you planned it that way.

  3. You seem to be moving along very nicely, back tracking a little bit on the stars, but a minor problem.
    The blockhead idea sounds promising, good luck with the plan.

  4. what a great patriotic quilt - love the birds in the corner. You'll finish the areas really quick I'm sure.
    Your house block is lovely - great project.
    The red & white quilt is great, but I'm with you on the repetition. It will be lovely with your border plan.

  5. Love all of your projects, but I'm especially fond of Grand Olde Flag. I was lucky enough to win the pattern recently - now if I could just find time to make it!

  6. Great projects ! Especially love Grand Old Flag ! Love those Birds :-D

  7. Oh my! Love your projects and the Blockhead idea! Altho repetitious, great effect for the red and white, it's going to be gorgeous, especially with the addition of applique on the border.
    Good that those 'personal' touches in our quilts result in a good laugh :0) Perfect save on the house!

  8. Love your finishes... it is so fun to see all the Grand Old Flag quilts out there. I am like a proud mama... thanks for sharing! Good luck with all your finishes!

  9. Your Grand Old Flag quilt is stunning! I like the Blockhead concept, I might take that approach the 1st of the year.
    Le Jarden and your Red & White are looking beautiful too!

  10. Grand Old Flag is beautiful! I like that you are not going to fix it right away. I'll bet no one, but you would ever notice. You may grow to love the accident as a part of the quilt's character :-)

  11. The Grand Old Flag quilt is wonderful! I like the border best. Not only because it is applique and includes crows and flags. But the darker tan makes the center glow. Good finish.

  12. your It's a Grand Old Flag turned out very nicely despite the slip-ups . . . you can add a few hand quilting stitches around the leaf and it will be a fun story to tell.
    i LOVE your red and white blocks~!! and always like to see pieced work combined with applique work within a quilt. i'm looking forward to seeing your finish.
    i'll have to check out the Blockhead thing as it sounds like a great way to get a few things done . . .


  13. Cheryl, I love your Grand Old Flag quilt and all your great photographs! Watch for an email from me about a blog tour I'm hoping with pique your interest! : )


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