Sunday, November 17, 2013

Blockhead Project

I went back to Anna's original post about her blockhead idea, and reread her concept. Although she states you can make up your own rules, I like the idea of using the concept to work on quilts I have hanging around my sewing room, but have never started.  
Christmas Magic by Kim Diehl is one such project. 
 I bought the background yardage the first time I saw the project, but that is as far as I got.  
The project requires 88 of these blocks.
 And each block has 2 flying geese...that is 176 flying geese...YUK!
A total of 8 different fabrics are used to make theses units; so if I make the blocks out of one fabric per month, at the end of 8 months all the tedious piecing work is done!
Of course, my enthusiasm for a project is always its greatest at the beginning, so I already have 2 months worth of blocks made.
Four of the blocks are used to make these units that will be in the center of the quilt.
I am using Open Gate's Fit to Be Geese Ruler to make my flying geese.  I am a big fan of making things over-sized and then custom cutting them to the desired size. I think these are coming out pretty darn good.

I will also continue to make one Le Jardin block per month and a set of red and white blocks per month, but those were actually WIPs and her concept was not really intended to finish up UFOs or WIPS.

The final border of Snowbound is done, so I'll be back soon with a finished flimsy.  Might be awhile before I get anything to the finish line.  My favorite machine quilter retired and one of the best longarm quilters in the state just gave birth to her first child. I am one of those quilters who likes to quilt by check, but will do some of my smaller projects myself.  

Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!
 I get to be a guest this year!


  1. I'm going to love it AND chuckled at your post goals and how far you actually get. Sound like me of course. By the are those cross stitch ornaments coming along that we spoke of ...was it last year or the one before that? LOL!!!!

  2. Your piecing looks perfect. Ahhh a goal I hope to achieve on at least one quilt before I end.

  3. Love, love, love this finish, Cheryl.

  4. Actually I like to have a long term project and say if I get one a month done, then it will be a top by ......
    I usually end up working faster and getting it done sooner. Oh the mind games we play! lol
    I love your blocks!

  5. This quilt is going to be gorgeous! And now you can take a month off...haha
    Your piecing is perfect!! WOW!

  6. I have wanted to make Kim Diehl's snowman quilt from the moment I saw the book. I have looked at it many, many times but just have not done anything about it.

    I am not doing much in the line of pieced quilts but did pop over to read about the Blockhead concept. I can see it working for some people. I think I would lose track of my parts and pieces quickly in my sewing room.

  7. Oh my! The Christmas Magic quilt looks like it is going to be well worth the effort of all those geese! You're piecing looks fine to me... Can't wait to see your progress!

  8. A beautiful project, love.
    Nice work;)
    Greetings :)

  9. Have fun with your projects. I have made Christmas Magic and it is one of my favorites. Keep going and have a lovely holiday.

  10. You have good plans for this quilt. I do the same sometimes. I'm still working on the Le Jardin blocks.

  11. Such a beautiful block - I love your new Kim Diehl project. You sound wonderfully busy, looking forward to following your progress.

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  13. Can I join the Blockhead Movement? I am not a blogger but have been quilting for awhile now and my WiPs are taking over my sewing room. There is the large stack of 12x12 project boxes in one corner, the more than a dozen dishpans in another corner, and shelves with boxes and boxes with no shelves all with started quilts. Then there is the fabric and books I haven't started. I ned to get busy! I just read your post and then the post on Woolie Mammoth. What caught my eye was your list of blocks the basket and house are both on my WiPs list. I was hooked. If I can?

  14. Another gorgeous project to be found on your blog. I think the block head idea definitely has potential. As you say, the test comes when the enthusiasm has waned and all the new projects, books and fabrics start appearing.

  15. So lovely! :)
    Greetings from Finland!
    Ulla's Quilt World
    Hugs, Ulla

  16. love these blocks and they look perfectly finished~!
    i'm also a fan of making blocks a bit bigger and then trimming to size. it does require a bit of time and patience with the trimming but is worth it for the accuracy achieved.



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